Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome Claire

Claire from over at Pilot Mom (a great blog) wants to join Pilgrim Pals. I've always considered her a Pilgrim Pal anyway but she wants to OFFICIALLY be part of us! WELCOME, Claire! I have given her our username and password so hopefully we will be hearing from her soon.

Be sure to make room for Claire on the Pilgrim Palwagon (as opposed to the Bandwagon). Hold on! You never know when God is going to do something incredible. The difficult He does right times. Sometimes it's a bit later. The impossible? He can do that too! Hallelujah!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Welcome, Pilot Mom! The more, the merrier!

the lil Pilgrim pal who is bursting to tell everyone about our first semi-pro sporting event we eever attended (we've never been to a pro event)

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you! )

passing-thru said...


GODLY - DEEP -and HUMOR, whats there not to welcome !

I have been reading your blog postings for awhile now --
many good people on terry's , david's and your links --

Terry said...

Three cheers for our Pilgrim Pal Pilot-mom!
Love Pilgrim pal Terry