Thursday, August 14, 2008

Draw Near to the Lord

O clap your hands, all ye people;
shout unto God with the voice of triumph

Sing praises to God, sing praises:
sing praises unto our King, sing praises.

For God is the King of all the earth:
sing ye praises with understanding

Psalm 47: 1,6,7

Remember in your prayers today:

Bob and travels as they travel to Missouri

Ron, (see the post below) for his appt on Friday

Amrita and her mother

Terry, as she works VBS this week, that she not overdo; for her legs

Vicki and her sister Shelby and her young daugher...may we hear the outcome
of the judge's ruling; continue to pray for their safety

LPP and LMG as they travel with family today

David and Carol....for Mrs. Fisher and her complete healing

For Lil M, Julie,Laura

Felisol, Gunner and Serina, Saija and Leo, Jel,

For my family, with an extra prayer for Jen and little Vera
please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.

May we look up, reach out and draw near to the Lord....for He is our

Good night and
Good morning Pals


1 comment:

passing-thru said...

AWESOME ------- Donna, I got so blessed seeing these "prayer" requests that U posted -----

May GOD RICHLY BLESS U and your family's needs -----

"PALS" is so much richer with people like U -------

YES ------ we will "remember"