Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Vicki left this on one of her comments --

Shelby goes to court at 8:30 AM tomorrow( Tuesday ) to wait with others before the judge to call her case. After she presents her "hardship" forms, her ex-husband has 30 days to respond. She doesn't have a lawyer, so she's representing herself. Will know more tomorrow......Also, a church helped her with 3 additional nights at the motel, as well as her cell phone bill. She also applied for 8 jobs today. THANKS FOR PRAYING!!

Thanks for updating us Vicki --------- and along with all the pals , we will continue to pray --

Blessings on U , Vicki --- your a loving older sister to Shelby -----------



Vicki said...

Couldn't sleep so I came here tonight. Thank you, PT, for posting the reminder. Still haven't heard how the day went for Shelby. Appreciate all the prayers!!

passing-thru said...

Blessings on U , Vicki

When I read your posts on your blog, I "see" the literary skills -the depth -- BUT what I "see" most is this woman that "wants" to be close to her Lord and what I like most is this "gentle" spirit that comes thru in your words and spirit -------

Vicki said...

PT, thanks for those kind, kind words. I need God so much.

Please pray the Lord will guide my writing, give me the right words, and keep opening writing doors. He called me to Himself in 1983, and not long after, he gave me the joy of writing...to declare His love, truth, grace, and mercy. But I can't do it without His grace. Sometimes I've wanted to quit because of the opposition & discouragement.

Shelby's appt. with the judge did not go well...he didn't accept her hardship plea, but someone in the court has offered to help her. She'll tell me more later, she said. I know that God knows what He's allowing in her life, and at this point I can only keep praying and offering her support. Thanks for praying. It's not in vain.