Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye...for awhile

I'm taking a break from posting at Pals for awhile. Just wanted you to know so you will not be concerned.

The primary reason, I feel that I may be kind of frustrating to others when I ask for prayer and get an answer (re my recent job) then I say in the next post that I'm all in a panic and feeling depressed. The problem is I'm not sure at times which direction the Lord is leading me - I make assumptions, like a lot of Christians and then realize I've jumped ahead of God. I need to focus more on Him and less on posting I think. And, also I think I am way too honest and opened about all that is going on in my life.
I will continue reading the posts, as I enjoy them so much and may even comment from time to time if I really feel moved by the Spirit of God. I will pray for your needs as I see them posted.
Blessings and thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!
Little Missionary


Vicki said...

Just remember, Julie, rest and peace are the fruit of abiding in Him. You won't have to beg for His leading - He will just work all things out in His time. Rest in Him, my friend. We are all praying for you. {{hugs}}

Felisol said...

Dear Julie LBM,
I do hope you will not be gone for too long.
He will guide you and comfort you every step of the way. That's what his promises are.
That's what our lives are built on.
I'll never stop praying for you.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Dearest Little Missionary Julie
Please don't say goodbye.
Say instead, "See you later" Hasta luego!
I will miss you....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Sure it's frustrating -- and no one really knows ALL the answers , and many a saint has gone in one direction only to find the door closed --- ALL OF WHICH
to teach us to lean on HIM continuously ---
Vicki's answer is THE ANSWER

No one is upset with U - not by any means ---
Your full of energy and emotion and U want to be your best for the Lord --
Julie, God is in NO HURRY - HE IS NEVER LATE -- did U realise , that U have NEVER made God late for any appointment --
U have NEVER caused God an inconvience -- EVER ------
SO THAT BEING THE CASE -- SMILE -- LAUGH, ENJOY , BREATHE, GO SLOW --AND look to bless someone for Jesus --
REST IN HIM --- did U read Donna's post on caves -- WELL , CMON GIRL - GET WITH THE PROGRAM --only teasing dear Lil M -------