Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sun is Setting on Yet Another Day

Sun is setting on yet another day -
Driving up to our daughter's house, we passed a crumbling down old country cottage.
A home at one time to perhaps a family, a family that may be "long gone".
Ghostly footprints along the main walk, happy memories, sad memories , nothing remains now , nothing left behind --------

This is so true with "life" - The only thing left behind for the Washed in the Blood , Saved thru Faith in the Finished Work of Christ Christian are the "things" done in Christ's Name and for The Kingdom of God -

A "helping" hand in Christ's name, influencing a lost soul towards The Christ of Calvary -
Letting "someone" know , your praying for them as they struggle -

"We" all have been inspired by someone the Lord had "placed" along our path -

Continue my "friends", to be That Someone that God can use so there is something "left behind" to glorify God --
"Let your light so shine before men that they will "SEE GOD" --

remember to pray for Shelby, Colby and Taylor - Donna and family - Terry and Bernie and Betty and Mom Golden and the Van -- Lpp and Lmg and family -Claire's "R" - Felisol's Serina and Gunnar -

Remember just not lip sinc but to "believe" and plead for these people --
For David the pilgrim -- Amrita's body and church project - for Red head Robin and her desire to be used of God -- for Vicki to not worry for Shelby --

Bless these people Lord , we pray in Jesus Matchless Name ---



hebrews 11:1 said...

God bless all the Pals!!

and especially PT for always refreshing us with the daily or twice-daily prayer list!

Have a blessed Sunday, Pals!


Please keep praying for our van to sell! We imported our new vehicle and will be picking it up tomorrow from the wonderful Christian importers we were blessed with finding (they usually do only luxury cars...see

hebrews 11:1 said...

oops, correction, not tomorrow, Monday!! :) I guess Monday can't get here fast enough!!

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru
For the moment at least David has put a nice sunset over your post.
Looks real good.!
Thanks so much for your faithfulness in making up this prayer list and thanks for mentioning Robin. She has such a missionary heart just like our Little Missionary Julie.

I can't wait until Tuesday when Shelby comes home. It will be so nice and I pray for her and her daughter's safety and for Vicki and her husband who love here so and have been so generous!
My heart is still singing for little Missionary Julie.
I haven't heard how Colby has been doing but I pray that he and Taylor and their mama are doing better.
Praying for all the rest of the Pals and their needs.....Love Terry

PS. Do you know that Felisol's princess daughter Serina is going to college soon?!

passing-thru said...

Terry -- Colby is doing much better the last I heard - I still want to see Taylor touched by God - maybe Ron can update us -
* I thought Shelby was going to hear from a judge concerning permission to leave the state - it would be AWESOME if she can come home to Ga
**YES LPP we keep your van in prayer - and Terry's van too --
God WANTS us to bring EVERY need to HIM ---

Vicki said...

LPP, hope you'll be able to sell the van soon! Praying, dear heart. That's wonderful about the new vehicle. I love seeing your posts here.

Terry, yes...PT is faithful & loved by all of us. I'm so blessed by his good updates & posts. Appreciate your labors of love, too, my sweet sister.

PT, you're right - Shelby is seeing a judge on Tuesday to determine whether she can leave the state. Haven't heard from her
these past couple days.

Praying and caring....

Vicki said...

PS--PT, I was influenced greatly by my next-door neighbor years ago who led me to Christ. The woman became one of my dearest, lifelong friends; she and I studied the bible together, babysat each other's children, had garage sales together, went to church & retreats together. I've never had a neighbor (or friend) like that since then, but oh, the memories! So thankful she was not afraid to let her light shine for Jesus.

passing-thru said...

Loved your comment Vicki on your next door neighbor -- "placed" there by God for U only --

"Wonderful things in the bible I see -- this is the dearest that Jesus LOVES ME "

Precious memories - How they linger

Blessings on U Vicki - we will be keeping Shelby and U before the Throne --