Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This world is alot of fun, its full of lust, laughter, people always hi-fiving each other .
If one let's his eyes linger just a bit longer at the opposite sex , the possibility of flirting is there . The gossip around the water cooler is always so inviting, one gets to hear "the latest".
Am so glad for the new line-up of tv shows, alot of off-colour innuendos , not to mention all the "skin" they are showing.
And what about E-Harmony, where would we be without E-Harmony, 29 ways of finding compatibility. There is so much in common with the candidates from E-Harmony, they all have the same story ! - Amazing -- Girlfriends and boyfriends , ex-divorce's , grass was greener stories -- but now thanks to E-Harmony , life is perfect.
The future is great with the world -- 401 K plans enable us to retire early , buy more toys, more trips, more golf -- more cookouts by the pool -- yes , this is what its all about -- ME , ME and ME.
Now , I don't want U to think I am not about God , I am - I go to church and do feel bad for some unfortunates, I give to my chuch and I believe God is understanding and will let me in heaven because Jesus did die for me -----plus , I am in no way as bad as some people.
I am not "narrow minded" like some radical types -- God is not that narrow minded as some of "those" people would like U to think .

So All in All -------- I am happy and glad to be part of this big picture ------------


No need to answer -- I know U all know what is wrong with this picture --

"We" have been " HAND PICKED " and " We " are on the Road Less Travelled.


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hebrews 11:1 said...

GREAT post, PT! Wow...good stuff...sorry for using your own words here, but they are the best!

God bless you,