Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Let "us" look to encourage someone -- in some way , thru a word , a smile or a deed.

I "remember" a time to two when my dad seemed to be "down" - it seemed that serving the Lord was not always "popular" with the world.
Dad's peers would look down at him, or smirk, avoiding him for fear of him passing them a tract. For the most part , Dad would just "roll" with it for he understood they didn't "know" Jesus, but there were "times" when he was hurt.

I "remember" once when Dad was exuberant, He had gone into the bank and people just stared at his jacket with the name of Jesus on the back and Dad was feeling abit awkward when the bank clerk , a woman of about 40 said "openly" and loud enough for people to hear, "thats a wonderful Name U have on your jacket and cap -- there is No other Name to compare with that. !
My Dad just beamed , and he said your right ! -- Praise the Lord. ---
This woman's encouragement just so lifted my Dad's spirit's --------

Is there someone "we" can uplift today - make a phone call , give a helping hand ---

Have a Great Day my friends



Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
What a wonderful story about your dear Dad and by your telling it this morning has so lifted my day!
I had been looking towards this day as such a busy one and tiring!
One of the sisters in the Lord went to meet Jesus this week and today is her funeral.
The lunch after the funeral will be at the hall and Darren, the VBS man said that he would not be cancelling the kids meeting.. He changed the time instead of in the morning 10-12, to 3-5 in the afternoon.
Prayer meeting is at 7:30. This is supposed to be all accomplished using the same building.
I just don't know if I can keep up with the pace!! Ha!!
Thanks for such a great post Passing-thru!....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Praying for U , even now --

Blessings to a "consecrated" woman of the Lord --

I can see the apostle paul having been invited to your home with Betty and Mom Golden getting some food ready for the great evangelist --

donna said...

Ha ! is right !

You will do well my friend and keep up just fine....

just lean on that cane or broom, no wait, the broom belongs to passing-thru...ohhh I am so confused...anyways...don't overdo it, cause we still need you here at pals...

praying for you terry...

passing-thru said...

Lol -- wait till Terry sees your comment Donna -
No Strawberry Cake for U and U can eat all the "garlic" U want and whats' this about a BROOM -----

passing-thru said...

but on the serious side of your comment Donna -- we DO need to remember Terry for her legs and strength -- May God "TOUCH" Terry's body and give her good health and long days -----

Terry is the "catalyst" for much that "happens" here in pals ----

donna said...

yes I know passing-thru...I think about her and pray for her many times throughout the day....hopefuly she will know I jest...