Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain on the Windshield

Dear Pals:

A friend sent me this and I don't usually pass along forwards but thought I'd try posting this one here. Check it out! Click here.

In His love, David

Note: I don't believe that if you pass along a "forward" you receive a miracle. That's not how our sovereign God works. Just wanted to make that clear. ENJOY!


Terry said...

Really, really nice Pilgrim!
Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Good stuff David - thanks

jel said...

very good!

how is ya feeling Fish?

oh and how is little fish doing?

jel said...

oh terry,

did ya read my comment down on Tuesday hello post?

Terry said...

Yes I read it Sunshine but until amazing grace man gets better, I am picking on Passing-thru and Mr. Jim!!...Love Terry