Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Urgent Plea for Shelby

Hi friends. Vicki here.

Just heard from my sister, Shelby, who is now officially homeless with nowhere to sleep but her car.
God has put a roof over her head for many weeks now since she lost yet another job and was evicted from her home, but today she has absolutely nowhere to go.

We will wire enough money to tide her over the next two days - maybe she can find a cheap motel. Her ex lost his job (so no child support), the churches there only offer food, and the nearest women's shelter is 2 hours away. She is very resourceful, and has made an appt. (Thurs) for transitional housing for single moms, but please pray they have room for her immediately. Also that she finds a JOB! This has been going on now for a long time. We can't stop praying.

I have thought for months now that she needs to come back to Georgia where she has family, but due to a court order, she cannot take her daughter out of California. Not sure she wants her name plastered on the internet, but right now she's at the mercy of all our prayers and the good Lord who is able to meet all her needs. Thanks for lifting her up before our Father's grace throne. The Lord loves Shelby and I believe He is showing Himself to her through all these trials.

Thanks for caring for my sis. I've got 5 siblings altogether, being the oldest myself. God bless you all. Love you bunches!

** Adding to Vicki's plea --- Pals , let us reach all we know in here and send out this urgent request -- Let us all bring her before HIS THRONE ---- thanks ---passing-thru


passing-thru said...


Vicki -- 2 or more agreeing and having this "confidence" that HE hears us and this praying for her will Glorify HIM and bless HIS Kingdom --

"Lord for Shelby we plead"

Little Montreal Girl said...


Terry said...

Dear Vicki...I just got home and Passing-thru sent me down here.
Such a sad state Shelby is in.
We will certainly pray for her and you are not plastering her name all over the internet.
We have all been praying for "Shelby" [Her name means "sheltered town"] for a while now.
May the Lord give her His own Shelter and a temporary shelter here for her and your little niece...love Terry

passing-thru said...

Great Comment Terry --

Take heart Vicki ------

Like paul said -- "The God of all comfort , comforteth us by the coming of Titus --

Our God, YOUR GOD loves Shelby and is working to bring her to HIM --

Felisol said...

Dear Vicki,
I am praying for Shelby while tears are running down my cheeks.
Jesus knows what it is all about,
he will not be late to help.
Shelby=sheltered town (how fitting, thanks, Terry).
Jesus will provide her with shelter and now and for the future.
I would also be glad if she could come home, at least for a vacation.
To sought things out. The law can't be that rigid?
I will continue to pray for your sister, Vicki.
From Felisol


My heart is greatly comforted by your show of love and support for my sister. Thank you for praying. Thank you for caring!

Terry, what a sweet word picture of hope, that God will provide shelter!

Just talked to Shelby...she's driving to a little motel where she & daughter can take a hot bath. (Thankful she got the money that hubby wired via Western Union--they almost didn't give it to her). She also made an appt. to see the judge on Tues. to try & get her court order changed so she can come back to Georgia. Will keep you posted!


passing-thru said...




May that judge move with compassion ------ "Grant it Lord"

Terry said...

Oh Boy Vicki!
So nice that there is some hope here!
Oh if she could only return to Georgia. That would be so good...love Terry

donna said...

If she needs a ride to Georgia ....I'll go get her!!!

Love and hugs to you Vicki


Terry said...

Dear Donna...You are sweetness PERSONIFIED!!!
Little wonder that we ALL love you!!!
Love Terry

Vicki said...

Thank you so much...appreciate all the heartfelt prayers. Richard (hubby) told Shelby if she could drive her little car all the way back to Georgia, she could move in with us until she gets on her feet. I had told Shelby a few months ago that I felt like maybe God had allowed doors to shut in order to direct her back here, but she got mad at me. Tonight she told me that she must have taken what I said wrong, and knows now that there is nothing left for her in California.

We'll see what happens. My sister has had a rough & painful life...she needs to see Jesus in all this.

Praising God for I know He hears your prayers!

passing-thru said...

Donna put a smile on my face --- if she needs a ride I will get her -- good stuff Donna --------

Reading John's gospel 14th chpt. this morning and WHAT HOPE
Let us continue to "walk" in the Light and "trust" HIM and all our needs HE promised to hear and respond to for HE LOVES US

Vicki said...

Thanks, PT. Donna, it's a long way to California and back to NY from GA. Do pray the judge will rule in her favor for the welfare of her child...that would probably make the ex mad & difficult to see his own daughter - so it's complicated. Just thinking out loud here.

Thanks again LMG, Felisol, Terry, Donna, PT & all for praying.

donna said...


I was thinking of all my blogger friends across the US and how I could stop and visit each one...share a cup of coffee, a lunch or dinner or a nice comfy bed....and share all that hospitality and goodness with your sister and her young daughter ....show them how the love of Christ flows through each of us...how He provides and makes all things work to the good.......and then, at the end of the trip, I would get to meet you too !!! How sweet is that???

donna said...

wellll, let me re-phrase that...I wouldn't exactly SHARE a comfy bed with any of them LOL...but someone might offer me a comfy bed...instead of a hotel room!!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Mrs. Gaines,

Just want you to know that I am praying for your sister and you as well!

Love and Prayers,

Vicki said...

Aw, Donna, you're the sweetest!

Shelby surely could use a huge dose of Christian love. She's became hard-hearted over the years due to so much mistreatment...it would probably melt her heart to see love in action like that. We'll see what happens on Tues. w/the judge. Thank you for even mentioning such a wonderful thing. {{hugs}}

LPP, thank you for caring & praying. I still think of you and your family SO much, and hope you're getting along okay. God bless you...still praying for you as well.