Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just a BIG HELLO to all the pals

Hi to Felisol and hoping her Serina is adjusting to new college life , and Gunnar is feeling better -
Lpp , has the van had any "bites" on selling it ? -----
Vicki is still waiting to hear from Shelby -- lets remember to ask God to influence that judge --
Terry , did Bernie get the Shirkie van fixed ? --- and most importantly , how are U feeling, --am sure VBS tired U out and hoping your legs and health get better --------
Lil M , hope your first day on the job went well ----------------
Donna the poet, hoping your Jen and Vera are doing well --
Saija and Leo and Claire and Pilot are doing well --
Happy to see U again to the "Fly - by - Hugger" JEL -
Hello to the "Other Julie" --- and the Lauras -----
David , any better on your finances and your home we hope -----
Amrita, hoping all is well with U too and your mom ---
Ron , Amazing Grace man -- trusting U are healing ---
"R"s name has been written into the Lamb's Book of Life --- neat ---

Going to "relax" been a tough weekend -------- Blessings on the "Pals"



byhisgracealone said...

passing-thru..it's tuesday!! are you just wishing it was still the weekend...:):)

thank you for your continued updates and prayers for all of us...


jel said...

hi passing-thru!

did i hear right, was you in Branson Mo. ?

if so ya were just about a 90min drive from us!

passing-thru said...

Hi Jel -- yes, we go to branson about 4 times a year -- we have been going for the last 3 years -- They have a New Sight and Sound Theatre -- Huge --
My wife loves going there and I love my wife , SOOOOOO -------

passing-thru said...

Lol , Donna --- I know it's tuesday but Monday was so tiring after all the drive and septic STUFF ------- LOL --

Wishing it was still the weekend is a good idea ---- hmmmm ,

Terry said...

Hi Passing-thru!
We just got back from picking up the harness for the van. Now all Bernie has to do is put it in. It will be a two hour job and he will probably put it in on Saturday,
Thank you for your prayers!!!
You should be ashamed of yourself not taking your wife 90 miles into Sunshine country to visit our Jel!....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

U r making me smile Terry :-)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey Pals!

I wasn't around yesterday, and wow, did I miss out a lot on posts! Catching up now....


jel said...

it's 90 mins, Terry !

got kinfolk in Branson,

it's been a fews since we have been there! ;)

Terry said...

Well Jel what is an hour and a half when you are on a vacation and have nothing but time?
Now don't you go protecting that Passing-thru when I am chastising him!!!
Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

I got kinfolk all over the state of MO...but mostly they're just rednecks...LOL !!!

Jel I just saw your post and thought maybe you were in Watkins Glen recently and I was going to holler at you for not telling me you were 90 min from me...then I noticed it was from a few years ago..

poor passing -thru...get your broom out for protection!!

passing-thru said...

Thankyou Jel --- at least someone loves me ---------
FLY BY HUG TO JEL -----------

Keep on protecting me Jel --
3 cheers for Jel --------

Good Stuff HEH Terry ! lol

Terry said...

Dear Sweet Donna, You hid all of the brooms in Passing-thru's septic tank while he was in Branson....Remember?...Ha!! Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Talk about BROOMS --

Wonder where Terry parks her's

OUCH -- now don't hit me with your bible Terry -----

passing-thru said...

I think I seen some of your relatives Donna --

Bubba Joe and his sister Lisa Marie Wynona

Terry said...

Don't have to park it Passing-thru. Bernie has been flying it around ever since his van clunked out!..Ha!!!

And here I thought that Jel was my little sunshine, eh? The nerve!

passing-thru said...

Help Donna -- Terry is at it again ---

Where is sunshine gone to -- Help Jel --- Help Donna --

Somebody give Terry a burnt MacDonald Muffin --- she is even picking on Bernie ------

Terry said...

Ha!!! Donna is my friend Passing-thru...no help there and Little Montreal Girl has gone to bed...no help there and it is past your bed time so you had better hit the sack!!!
And I love burnt muffins so thanks a lot!!...Love Terry

PS I am picking on you because our amazing grace man is recuperating and I will in no way pick on him until he is feeling better which I hope he will be soon Passing-thru!! I am still praying for him and I am so thankful that you always mention him in your prayer list!
You know that we have the best of clean fun and that we still have the heart to pray to God for our friends, eh?
Have a good night Passing-thru....love Terry

passing-thru said...



Terry said...

Thanks Passing-thru. We are all friends and I love all of the Pals with all of my heart...Good Night..Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

Next thing I know we'll all be square dancing....or doing the cotton-eyed-joe...yee-haw !!!
HA HA HA !!!

by the way...why would anyone like burnt muffins ?????

Terry said...

Dear Sweet Donna..I just always did like brunt toast. I can't square dance. The only dance I know is the polka!

Guess what? I just got a forward from amazing grace man. It was so beautiful it made me cry. If I sent it to you could you send it to each of the Pals and Mr. Jim and Jel and Rodney and Robin?
I was going to do it but you are our official forwarder Donna [if you are not too tired!] Email me and let me know OK?....Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

I won't be able to send it tonight...i am having difficulties with internet explorer...may be why the email from you and ron did not come through properly...

sorry..will talk to you tomorrow...


P.S. I used to LOVE to polka...I am sure I would have a heart attack if I tried to move that fast now...swooooosh.....smaaaaaack
LOL !!

jel said...

Morning Family,

sounds like i miss out on alot, bedtime here is 8 or 8:30 , when ya get up at 3!

now Sweet T, the sunshines 4 all!

bee nice to your friend passing~thu

hey Donna, was your way back in 03!
y'all have a good day! ;)

jel said...

that should be our friend , not just your friend!

need more coffee ;)

Vicki said...

Hey everybody. What's all this talk about brooms anyway?

Taking time to pause and pray for these needs and requests. bless you all.