Friday, August 8, 2008


9:45 Friday evening - watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics -- AMAZING --

Reflecting back thruout the day , I find, God was able to use me early this morning in the resturant having coffee, sat with a Christian man , a little older than me -- he "shared" a burden he had ( we don't know each other except we are both "born again " Christians) .
I "knew" it was a God moment -- I listened, then shared The Word with him , I think it helped.

Carrying people from work , to The Throne daily, smiling as I work , dropping Word Seeds as I go -- "they know" , "they watch" , got to talk to the Administrator today about " This Jesus " -

Tomorrow is another day ---------

I "know" that all U "pals" work in God's Vineyard too --

Blessings on U as U drop " Word Seeds "

good nite precious friends



Felisol said...

Dear Passing- Thru,
thank you for being there, empathic, listening, caring and sharing.
May God richly reward you for always being there for the needy, among who I reckon my self.
Blessed be your week-end.
From Felisol

Terry said...

I thank you too Passing-thru.
Even though you put in a hard busy day at work, you always pop by and scatter a few encouraging seeds to us and it is so appreciated.
Thanks so Terry

So cool that the Lord put you and that other Christian man into each others paths!
Who but the Lord could have arranged THAT?!