Thursday, August 7, 2008


Without vision - people perish - get discouraged, feel alone --

We need to see God - the God of the Bible -- the ONE that Isaiah said :

THE ONE Who is High and Lifted Up
THE ONE Who told Joshua, I AM the Captain of The Host of The Lord (Joshua 5:13-15)
THE ONE Who told Gideon to thin out his army to 300 so that the Glory would go to GOD
THE ONE Who sends his Angel to destroy pagan armies that oppose HIS people -
THE ONE Who lets Ezekiel see HIS cherubims - the majesty of what goes on 24/7 --
THE ONE Who sent HIS Angel to tell paul that his ship would go down but they will be saved.

OUR GOD is an AWESOME GOD -- we need to "see" with the eye of "faith" and take a stand , tell the devil what a liar he is and a loser to boot -- and Be Strong in THE LORD

We need to "see" GOD , our GOD , the GOD of the Bible as ALWAYS ALL SUFFICIENT in ALL THINGS , IN ALL WAYS and AT ALL TIMES

The Lord PROMISED to His people not to fear, worry, but Trust, Rely and as Ruth said in redheadedramblings -- Float --- --Read Amrita's good post on God providing --

Blessings to All the pals --
remember to pray for all our friends and needs --



Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru...You are certainly an encourager of the Lord to us all.
You are so right that we shouldn't be worrying so much at times.
I think that it must really hurt God's feelings a lot.
It is almost like calling him unfaithful whereas it is US who are.
The last few days have been so much better for Mom Golden and me.
Tomorrow Bernie and I are going to take her out for breakfast again. She just loves to go and in the long run she is free of worrying at home all by herself.
I told Bernie that you are praying that we get our van fixed. He is having quite a time of it but he still has about five days to work on it before he goes back to work so hopefully he will figure it all out!
Thanks so much for reminding us of all the different needs of the Pals.
We will pray without ceasing!!. And I will pray for you and Joanne too...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Blessings to U Terry

Psalm 20 verse 5 " HE fulfills all our petitions "

little Montreal girl said...

What is wrong with your van Mrs. Shirkie?

Terry said...

Little Montréal Girl
The fuel pump went on it. Mr.Shirkie replaced it with a new one but it still won't click on and so he is checking all the wires out in the van and wow there are tons of them!
Oh well he has a few more days to work on it!..Thanks for Mrs.. Shirkie

ron said...

Morning PT.,

Thanks for the breakfast this morning .I love to read psalms kinda reminds me of myself trying to figure things out ?

Terry I seen a new model of a bicycle that seats 5 on one of the blogs I read . I will try to find the url so you can order one , might be cheaper ? It had 2 seats for you and Bernie -- and two seats behind Bernies seat and one on the front end ? Way gas prices are you might should order one before they seel out ?

Blessings and thanks PT for the food for thoughts today 08-08-o8 ?


Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
I'll pray God to send down one his reparation angles.
I did that once our car stopped in the middle of nowhere.
While Gunnar was out in the storm I sat inside praying.
Home we came, and the car is still working!
He who can heal people for sure must have some little helpers to send when we're in trouble with our machines.
(By the way, Terry,you can snatch whatever you like from my blog. They are only very much amateur pics, and I love it, when you create art from filth.)
Hugs from Felisol

passing-thru said...

Hello Ron --- thanks for the support and am still remembering your grandchildren --

May God Bless Cole and Taylor and family --

Terry , ask Bernie if it could be a "relay" causing the trouble --
Be Neat if God helped Bernie -- we KNOW HE CAN !!