Thursday, August 7, 2008


Thought ONE
U can be in the "perfect" will of God and still be SUNK DOWN and in the MIRE --
U can be exactly where God wants U to be and to all OUTWARD appearances, U look to the world and to fellow Christians like judgment has fallen on U. Jeremiah 38:6 -- Jeremiah did nothing wrong , yet here he is in a DEEP DARK HOLE sunk up to his armpits in MIRE MUD OOOZE -
Sometimes we "feel" that we are ALONE , in a DEEP DARK PLACE --- We are not --
Thought TWO
God NEVER forgets -- He NEVER misses a beat , EVER --
In Jeremiah 38:8-9 Ebedmelech the black Ethiopian, beseeched the king to show mercy on the "forgotten" Jeremiah that was "left" for dead in the dark mud hole - Ebedmelech "looked" by faith after the "things" of God --
Jeremiah 39:16-17 -- In the "midst" of great confusion, and terror, Judah is being judged. Babylonians are killing and torturing many , especially people in the "kings" house -- AND GOD
tells Jeremiah, GO and FIND and TELL , MY friend Ebedmelech, that I have NOT forgoten him .
NEITHER has OUR GOD , NOT for one second EVER , has forgotten ANY of us -- no matter the circumstances ----------


Take "heart" to ANY that are hurting and carrying a burden ---

passing-thru -------


Little Montreal Girl said...

That's just what I needed. Thanks PT.

ron said...

Hi PT,

Thanks for setting my table this morning with a bowl of Grits [ Georgia ice cream ] topped off with two eggs looking at me with a dish of sidemeat ?

Blessings and keep all this food for thought coming. Its always good to read of God's goodness ! They always bless me .


passing-thru said...

Blessings to U LMG -- always look UP , always - ---

Ron -- lol --- I like my eggs over medium with hash browns and bacon crispy --

And thanks for stopping by and adding to pals -- your a blessing

Terry said...

That amazing grace man thinks that grits were invented in Georgia and Passing-thru thinks that hash browns are a U S of A speciality Well let me tell you fellows, in Southern Ontario, we not only have hash browns we now have hashed corn beef with our morning breakfast!

For our spiritual breakfast we quite often are served up a heaping helping of good stuff from Passing-thru and to tell you the truth amazing grace man we can quite often get a real good feed at your blog too!!!...Love Terry

Passing-thru...Remember when I was tossing a few stones at David a while back? Well that RRBJ has been throwing ROCKS at me!!And he even has his daughter Princess making nasty pictures of me on his blog[broom and all!]
It is NOT a pretty sight!!..Ha!