Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayers for Ron, the amazing grace man

Dear Pals,

I received the following message tonight for our dear friend Ron, a/k/a the amazing grace man....He needs a HUGE outpouring of prayers and love and encouragement and we all know that is something we do join me please as we bring his needs to the throne of the Mighty One.....

I hope I can finish typing this cause the pain is great while I type with my middle finger ?

I am going to be out of order for a couple of days after Friday morning the 15th. I got to get rid of part of a long time friend cause the gout or some greedy bug has eaten up all the bone in my right index typing finger! They will cut off the first joint hopefully no futher than the knuckle to keep it from spreading to the rest of my hand ? It is already creeping thru my knuckle This bug hitched a ride on my finger monday evening and hurt so bad that I haven’t got much sleep or rest since then ? My finger swelled up about 2 1/2 weeks ago and then most of the swelling went away and it was not sore and then Monday evening the Bug [ I Guess ] got back off vacation ? I went to Doc yesterday and they split it open , then I went to a specialist today and he told me the news , and I got to go to preopt at the Ambulatory center tomorrow and they will tell me what time to be there Friday AM ?

Blessings to All

He is a Godly and courageous guy!
Please pray for him everybody!

posted by donna


passing-thru said...

A BIG YES to praying for Ron --

I had no idea he was hurting --

BLESSINGS ON U , RON --- and sorry to hear about the pain and sleepless nites --

"Father , In That Name , we come, to ask that YOU touch this man Ron, guide the doctors, heal and restore and let Ron KNOW that his God is close by - Thankyou Lord "

passing-thru said...

Thanks Donna for posting this about Ron

Terry said...

Thanks Donna!
That amazing grace man has become a very dear friend and I will be surely thinking about him today and praying for him and those doctors not to give up.
I know Grandpaw has peace about the whole thing but those doctors...God will make them mind!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru. I see by the early hour on your comments and post that you must of left early for your 39th honeymoon, so I will be praying for yours and Joanne's safety. Have a wonderful trip!!!Love Terry

Amrita said...

May everything go well and you heal soon Ron.