Friday, August 8, 2008


God of the Bible - This God - Our God
Has shown continuously that we are to look to Him for our daily needs - for fellowship -
Psalm 19 then into Psalm 20 --
In psalm 19:14 " The Lord my Strength" -- Psalm 20:1 " The Lord defend thee "
Look at 20:5 "The Lord that fulfills all our petitions " --
Ps.20:7 " Some trust in chariots and horses -- BUT we , His annointed, chosen , we will Remember the Name of the Lord " --

Okay -- short on time , must run -- REMEMBER our friends, bring them before the Throne
Felisol's family -- Vicki's Shelby - Amrita for healing and her church project -- Colby and Taylor -Lil M and work -- David's finances -- Saija and Leo - Claire and family - Ron , amazing grace man --Robin and her walk with the Lord - Lpp and Lmg and their van -- Shirkie Sunday School Van -- Mom Golden and strength for Terry and Betty -- Donna and family -

Must run-- blessings on every pal -
We serve a Faithful and Loving Father --



Vicki said...

My 6 yr. old granddaughter says hello!! She says to tell you that we'll be praying for all you Pilgrim Pals and she's glad she "met" you here. (She keeps singing that song that Terry posted enjoyed the video and wanted to know if that was the Pilgrims church)

love & hugs,

passing-thru said...

Too Good !

Blessing on U , Vicki and we remember U and Shelby daily --

tell the granddaughter a BIG HELLO from ALL the Pilgrim Pals --

passing-thru said...

Thanks Ron -- I seen your comment down on the other post --

Yes , the Psalms keeps us sweet and the Proverbs keeps us wise