Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Terry!

Dearest Terry:

CONGRATULATIONS on another birthday! I'm celebrating with you...from a distance - Elim Lodge. I was asked to return for another week as Chapel Director so I'm sitting here, catching up on my e-mails and posts and thanking God for you! We all pray that this coming year will be a special and meaningful one for you as you continue to serve the King. Thanks for all you do for the Pilgrim Pals.

Lots of love,



Vicki said...

Lotsa love & hugs on your birthday, dear Terry! I was worried I wouldn't be able to get online due to storms here, but yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Don't forget to check your facebook page.

Vicki said...

David, or somebody, please email me with the right user email & password to get in here to post:-) I must be using the wrong email - Blogger keeps rejecting me. Boo hoo.

nursewriter AT

Lauren-Mary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!! I couldn't have said it any better than David (strawberry picture included!), so I'm tagging on to his post! I hope you have a great birthday, and another blessed year.

Much love in Christ-

Terry said...

Oh Thank you David for the strawberry...NOT!
Good thing I just came here now and am safely on a chair and not outside near the strawberry patch...Ha!!
Vicki I am glad that you got the right user name and password, because you did such a great job in posting. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!
Lauren-Mary are you at home yet or are you still out in the wilds?
Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday.....Love Terry

Laura said...


I need to make a list of pilgrim pal bdays because I always seem to miss them....I hope you had a grand day and I hope your husband took you out for a nice treat, some McDonalds coffee perhaps?? HAHA

God Bless You Terry!