Sunday, August 10, 2008

When I learned.......EH ?

I'm going to lighten it up a bit here this afternoon.....cause one of Terry's comments made me think of a waitress story from years ago and how I became acquainted with ........EH?

Now....I grew up in a little tiny town named Cape Vincent directly across the St. Lawrence River from Kingston, Ontario, was a resort town....where people traveled from all over to see the Thousand Islands and to catch those mighty bass and share their fisher-men stories...(no pun intended David). For most of my young life, I was surrounded by and accustomed to my Canadian neighbors. In fact, our high school band was often invited to march in parades in Brockville or Gananoque, or Kingston....I knew how to play O Canada as well as, if not better, than the Star Spangled Banner on my clarinet........

As a teenager, I waitressed at the Cape Vincent Inn....and it wasn't until I was 17 that my parents allowed me to work the evening shift to keep me away from the rambunctious crowd....(for some reason they thought people only drank beer at night....I never argued with them.... HA !) There was this one older couple that used to come in every weekend...they were the nicest people....and I was always the one to wait on them....the husband was a big ole burlie guy ...and his wife was a tiny little woman......smiled or spoke...only when I would ask the husband what he would like to eat and he

would say "eh? you talking to me?" and laugh real loud.... she would reprimand him with..."Oh Mel stop picking on that poor sweet girl...just give her your order." Every time I waited on them, he would say the same thing.....and laugh; I learned just to smile and ignore him.....she always left me a $5.00 matter what they ordered cause she said I earned every penny of it putting up with him......

One weekend, the restaurant was incredibly busy, I was swamped and he went through his normal routine; I apologized that it might take a while before their food arrived because we were so busy and they said were okay with the wait....when their food order came up, I went to serve the husband's plate and hit his shoulder with the plate and the entire plate of spaghetti, yes Terry, spaghetti... spilled all over his back and shoulder, down his leg and all over his shoes....I quickly started scraping the spaghetti off his back......the entire restaurant was looking at me....I was so embarrassed...and he very loudly said....WHHHAAAATTTT are you doing? I looked at him and said..... "EH? you talking to me????" His wife burst out laughing....and said that was PERFECT!!! He taught you well!!!!

The restaurant bought their dinner that night, the husband left me a $10.00 tip.....and they continued to return every weekend...but he never ordered spaghetti again....HA!



passing-thru said...


Now thats a great story !

Thanks for sharing, Donna --

Blessings on U and will keep on praying for your world and others in here -
Thanks for being U , Donna ---

Goldwings said...

What a great story, Donna!

Little Montreal Girl said...

That's soooo funny! I mean it's NOT funny but it is!

Thank you for makeing me laugh.

Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

That is so HILARIOUS, as my childhood friends taught me to say when something was very funny!!!


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

That is a great story! "Eh", is a part of my lingo and I first really came to realize just how much it's part of the Canadian "accent", especially where I grew up, when I spent one month at a missionary camp in Arizona with about 15 Americans and only 1 other Canadian. The Americans giggled when I said EH...they said "it's true, Canadians say eh!" They weren't laughing at me, they said "it's just so darn cute!" Alrighty then :)


donna said...

ok now where is Ms. Terry...I haven't seen a comment from her...

and I mentioned three things I know she HA! and spaghetti, with no garlic mind you....

do you know that she even told me that in Niagara though I could ever forget she DOES NOT like garlic...I ALWAYS make my sauce with garlic....soo I will have to figure out something else for you to eat when you come visit me Ms. Terry???

Terry said...

Oh Donna!!
I never got to read this yesterday!!
Oh I am laughing my head off!!
This story could win a prize!!
I hope that the spaghetti didn't have any garlic in it!
Donna you are one funny girl.
The first time I ever talked to you on the phone we you had me laughing for two minutes and you finally asked, "Are we going to actually talk to each other or are we going to just continue to laugh the whole time?"
You are a real treasure!
Tell me Donna..When you first laid eyes on me, how did you recognize me in that huge Niagara on the Lake crowd?
Was it because I was the tallest person in the crowd or was it because of my limp?...Ha!!!

Of course I recognized you, you little "pip sqeak" because of your big smile and twinkling eyes!
Gotta' love you Donna!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Little Missionary Julie...You should of told those Americans what we used to say when they laughed at our "eh?"
First ask them, "Can you spell Canada for me?"
"Why sure!"
And then listen closely Julie as they do.
"C eh? N eh? D eh?"
And then you get the last laugh as they realize that they have eh?ed THREE times in less then 30 seconds!.. ha!! Terry

Vicki said...

Terry doesn't like garlic in her spagehetti, eh? (LOL)...well, I do!

Great story, Donna! I'm so glad you're posting more at Pilgrim Pals. Your life is a blessing to all of us.