Monday, August 18, 2008


Great post from Lil M below this one ----- Blessings on U tomorrow Lil M

We had a great time in Branson Mo over the weekend and came home to a backed up septic system -- HA -- EH -- FROSTY FRIDAY -- but the Lord is Still Good -------

Highlight of Weekend was a Song sung by two brothers performing at the Lawrence Welk Resort , they played "My Anchor Holds" with a Big Screen in the background with a 17th century Sailing ship being hammered by wind and wave with the Anchor Cable stretched TIGHT but never breaking --- AWESOME MUSIC AND VIDEO ------

Blessings on all the "pals" and good news about "R"

Remember the needs --------- good nite from a tired

passing-thru ------------


donna said...

passing-thru...glad to see u are home....not so fun about the septic...:(


passing-thru said...

Thanks Donna -- no problem with the septic , "Thats life :-)"

Have a good day Donna ----