Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IT WAS HIS WILL ---------

We call "Jesus" God and He IS
We thank Jesus for saving us and He DID
We bless God for the kindness that He SHOWED

In John's Gospel 6th chpt verses 38-40 Jesus the Son makes it PERFECTLY CLEAR
That our Salvation was the Perfectly Planned Presentation of Eternal Salvation from GOD the FATHER ---
For Jesus says in verse 38 " I came down from heaven doing the WILL of HIM Who sent Me.
In verse 39 Jesus says - "This is THE FATHER'S WILL"
Verse 40 He declares -- " This is THE WILL of HIM WHO SENT ME "

The Great Christ is emphatically declaring that our salvation and security has been pre-ordained and carried out by HIM sending THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICIAL LAMB in the name of JESUS CHRIST -------------and that we have HOPE and LIFE ETERNAL --
Also -- see how thru-out the chapter how none will be lost and what hope there is for the Christian ---- none need despair , "let us look to Jesus today "

(Remember our needs today -- Shelby before the judge today -- Colby and Taylor - David --Amrita's body and Terry for strength -- Terry and Lpp's vans --- Felisol's Gunnar --etc. etc. )




donna said...

so so good!!

blessings on your day!

Vicki said...

This deserves a big HALLELUIAH!

passing-thru said...

Blessings on U Donna and Vicki --

let us know Vicki when U hear about how Shelby made out today -

Been praying and we hope that God worked in her behalf -------

donna said...

yes...put a new prayer list up on my prayer blog too...reach as many as we can...through as many blogs as we can...