Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Nite

Mondays -------- they are "tough"

Sitting here "processing" all that is going on in the world -- and doing that thru a "tired mind" - lol -- should make for some good "processing" -
American politics -- Olympic Games -- and Russia invading Georgia ---

GOD IS ON THE THRONE --- " Selah "

Terry will be "tired" remember her in VBS -- Continue to pray for LPP and family and Van --
Colby and Taylor , "little" people that can use prayer -- Amrita is hurting , the wall is up but she is physically needs prayer ---Remember Shelby tomorrow , for God to touch the judge -- Felisol's Gunnar to be well --- David needs God's help --Donna and Vicki and Jel and Lauras' and the "other Julie " --

Pray much , pray believing , pray expecting

Good Nite dear friends



Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is with me.

Terry said...

Thank you too for praying for me.

Passing-thru you are right...Today is the day that Shelby will really need prayers.
Even when one is tired, one can pray, eh?
Jel, our little Sunshine has finally surfaced, on a borrowed computer at her friend's. Apparently her computer has bit the dust and she really needs another one. I will certainly pray for THIS. The Pilgrim Pals surely need her fly by hugs and her scattering of sunrays all over the place, and besides I need her pictures which I quite often help myself to!
I am glad that Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl have their new van and now are waiting on the Lord that He will sell their old one.
Praying for our Indian princess Amrita, for bodily strength for all the doings she does for the Lord and His people.
Unselfish good works!
Of course my Felisol and Gunnar and their sweet Serina are never far from my mind as isn't Mom Ljung and Aunt Lilly.
David the helper himself needs help, and God knows and God will supply.
And we pray for his Mom.
And Vicki, we pray for a miracle as far as her little sister and her niece are concerned.
And the two Lauras...praying for them too and our Little Missionary Julie as she counts down the days to her new job.
And Donna!!!.....
And Passing-thru our prayer partner and Joanne!
And somewhere out there we have a dear new friend, Robin who has a special friend,a little pig-tailed Romania girl that she and Passing-thru and the Pals are praying for.
And then somewhere in the shadows there is a Gold Wings who has been putting in sweet encouaging comments to the Pilgrim Pals.
Oh and we will not forget Cole and Taylor and their Mom Leslie and their Grandpaw Ron[amazing grace man]
Now I think that I will go back to bed and snatch another hour's worth of sleep.......
I have to chase about fifty kids around later on, trying to take their pictures!..and they ALL have ants in their pants!!
Love Terry

passing-thru said...


WHAT A GOOD PRAYER LIST AND THANKYOU FOR bringing them to our attention -- AND also for U , Terry, for your legs and strength to be touched by the Master ---