Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cost - to follow Him or Not

I've been sleeping a lot for the last few days - part of depression. When I'm awake I am focusing as much as possible on the Lord and His plan for me....that is going on a long term mission. I'm praying about going to Mexico City to work in an orphanage that I visited twice. They are desperate for volunteers. There are other possibilities I'm praying about too. I have a good friend who is very wise in the ways of God. He was living in Halifax for several years and has come back to Ottawa and is holding me accountable and ensuring I follow through on certain things. That's what I needed - a Christian to walk the walk with me...right to the mission field.

Following Jesus can cost us much - sometimes He calls us to give everything up and drop our "nets" to follow Him. The cost of not following Him, (I mean as a Christian), is far worse in my my case - it is literally costing me my mental health. I keep putting off looking into long term missions. I know it will "cost" me great comforts etc so I procrastinate.

Now, having said that, an interesting development this morning....

Remember the paramedic - admin position I applied for last June and thought was a done deal and I wasn't going to get an interview for? In fact the HR consultant said union candidates were chosen for interviews and there would more than likely be a successful person from that batch. This influenced my decision to take the new position I'm in now. The HR consultant called me this morning and said there was NOT a suitable candidate for the job with the medics and asked if I would still like to be interviewed. Once again I jumped the "gun" and did things my way....taking another job before the first door was even closed completely! Anyway, I'm going for the interview next Tuesday afternoon. I've got nothing to lose. It would be nice to be at least working in an area of interest while I seriously take steps to leave on a long term mission. I'm considering going back to Mexico City in November and taking to some Mexican people I got to know about working with them - living arrangements etc...

Little Missionary


Terry said...

Oh Little Missionary Julie...It seems that the Lord gave you this position for a purpose.
After so much prayer, do you think that you should carry on and let the Lord do the leading, like he did for this job?
Who am I to criticize you though? I have so many times in my life never stopped still for the Lord and I still am guilty of jumping the gun a lot!
I pray that the friend that the Lord is sending your way will be very helpful for you little Julie....Love Terry

Terry said...

PS Little Missionary Julie...If I am not mistaken, it really seems to me that you HAVE been following the Lord pretty closely that last few months!!
You have been such a help to me on more than one occasion!
Love Terry

Amrita said...

Praise God LM. You are on the right road.Stepping our as a volunteer is an action which is an outcome of your faith.

Presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice is what we are called to do.

My family and I have been voluntarry church workers for many years. Its a very satisfying thing.

God bless