Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RISE N SHINE as my mom used to say ---

Tuesday of a NEW DAY ----------

NEW DAY - NEW HOPE -- NEW THOUGHTS -- NEW CHALLENGES -- NEW SOLUTIONS -Yes it is a challenge to rise each day, it is not always easy -- We live in a world of "quick fixes" -Drive thru remedys --

To All the Pals , Blessings to each and every one , some for healing , some for support , some for answers , some for just enough "vision" to "see" the end of a day --

God is the Same -- His Love for us have never changed --

Take heart ---

Thankyou to Vicki and Amrita and Donna and Felisol and Terry for contribution SO MUCH in encouraging others in here -----and also to Lil M for encouraging us in here also and to Ron and LPP and LMG for their smiles and songs and picture stealing -- We must thank David for teaching us all how to "borrow" pictures ------ HAVE A GREAT DAY BRETHREN



Anonymous said...

ahh do i gota ???????

or my fav.

I may rise but refuse to shine!!!

Morning! :)

Vicki said...

Okie dokie, I'm up! Not sure I'm shining yet. Had to run for cover while under tornado warning this morning before I was even fully awake:-) But all is quiet at the moment, just a rustling of the trees and lots of rainfall.

God bless you all. Thanking Him for each one of you, and lifting our needs for the day before Him. He is good, my friends. He is good.

Amrita said...

Hello passing Thru

Rising is OK but shining is a bit difficult these past 2 days as we hardly have any electricity the whole day, and that just drains one out in the heat and humidity...so the best I can do is flicker like a spent candle about to go off. maybe i should keep singing Give me Oil in My lamp Keep me Burning. Electricity comes back after 9pm.

Its like a war zone out here.
But I can 't complain, many people are facing a worse situation.

Amrita said...


Every evening I light my 2 kerosene lamps and (you believe it) my Christmas Santa Clause candles for light.

Terry said...

Aw! I didn't have to bring Bernie to work, so after Dad Golden phoned me at seven, I just rolled back over and fell fast asleep.
Maybe though I if really try, I can do a bit of shining in the dark, eh?
That Amrita is telling tales, she really is because our India Princess is ALWAYS shining!!
Vicki...After I get caught up with Saija and Jeanette, I will be hitting you up and probably copying and printing out some of your posts for Mom Golden. She really enjoys your writing!!
Love Terry

Your Tuesday post Passing-thru...just splendid!
I am so glad that you mentioned Grandpaw amazing grace man, Ron. He is starting to have trouble with his thumb now. Can you ask everyone to pray for him?

Vicki said...

Hey, I'll pray for Amazing Grace man's thumb, Terry...just caught that.

Praying for you, too, Amrita {{hugs}}

passing-thru said...

Just got home -- out watching grandaughter volley ball game -- being a "Soccer Grandpa" is rough work -- but I hardly ever go to any games so I can't complain --

I guess that Rise n Shine thing is hard to do -- lol

Blessings on U all this Tuesday evening -- remember RON in prayer -