Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary Bob & Joanne

Dear Passing-thru and Joanne...Someone figured out that it is your anniversary so we can not help but wish you a Happy one!
Have a good couple of days in Branson but don't you forget to come back...Love all of your Pilgrim Pals..

WOW -- THANKYOU SO MUCH -- we appreciate everyone's love and prayers for us --- Keep us in prayer and that I take the "time" to spend with my Lord ---- I will be praying for all the pals ----

passing-thru Bob


donna said...

Happy Anniversary Bob and Joanne and have a safe trip...

passing-thru said...


My guess is that Terry did this and her being so tired from a very busy day --
To Terry, Donna, Vicki , Lpp and Lmg , Felisol, David, Lil M , Ron, Amrita, the Lauras , Julie, Jel, Claire, and "others" I may have missed -- Thankyou and it's our 39 wedding anniversay this Friday --
We will be back Sunday nite --
I will not forget to "pray" for all our needs and I ask for your prayers that I will be "kept" close to The Christ of The Cross --


Anonymous said...

After seeing that video with the pictures -- hmmm , maybe it was THAT DONNA that posted this --lol

My heart is GRATEFUL --- more than grateful , it is humbled --
I am a "Rich" man for having known Terry, Donna , Vicki , Lpp and Lmg and Lil M , Felisol , Saija -- Amrita, Claire, David --

On bended knee and humbled heart I thank God for U ALL ------

passing-thru Bob

donna said...

No...not me this time...the credit goes to Terry for the post

praying for you
bless you

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Happy Anniversary Bob & Joanne!


passing-thru said...


Until we "meet" again -- Blessings on One and All

My life has been So Enriched by every one of U and I believe that a single prayer from the least of us is Of Great Worth and I appreciate U All more than U realise ---
your friend Bob McCabe

Amrita said...

Happy Anniversary Ron and Joanne. God bless you

Amrita said...

Sorry Passing Thru, i called you Ron instead of Bob. May the Lord add many more joyous years to your lives together.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs McCabe!

May God bless you both richly!

Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Now Passing-thru.
Why on earth would I comment and wish you a Happy Anniversary TWICE, eh?
THAT will be the frosty Friday...Ha!!!!