Monday, August 18, 2008

Got Fruit?

I start my new job tomorrow and I have a few jitters but I know that is perfectly normal - the Lord goes before me!

I had the day off work today and was praying this morning about my desire to be successful in this new position. "What does that success look like?", I thought. As I reflected, the following came to mind: quick to learn new technical terminology, make very few mistakes, have a feeling of accomplishment and confidence in a job well done at the end of the day, be looked at by my co-workers as a dependable, hard working, knowledgeable person in my area.

Then I thought, "What is God's idea of being a success?" The fruit of the Spirit came to mind. We are a success, by God's standards, when we demonstrate the fruit of His Spirit.

If I have the Spirit of God living in me, then I will produce fruit - fruit that is pleasing to God. I am sure to have favour, first with my Heavenly Father and secondly with my that order!

Please say a little pray for me that I will sleep well tonight and wake up refreshed and ready for the new job!

Little Missionary


Terry said...

Oh this is so good Little Missionary Julie.
The fruit of the Spirit!
I am really looking forward to your new job!
You have grown spiritually so much since you glided on to Pilgrim Pals and I think that the many trials that you went through did it.
You are coming out gold and I am so proud of you!!!
Love Terry

Terry said...

Kindness is a fat watermelon!

passing-thru said...

Great post Lil M

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

And LOVE is a STRAWBERRY Terry! Your favourite :) Hee hee, haaaa....


Terry said...

Oh no!!!
Good thing that love is a little strawberry and that the whole patch wasn't there!
It would have been "I've fallen and I can't get up" Little Missionary Julie!!!!!
Love Terry

donna said...

saying a pray for u Julie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, Julie-LM!

How was your day?

Love and Prayers,