Sunday, August 10, 2008

Prayer Request for LPP's van

Hello dear Pals!

I am so excited...we just got an e-mail about an hour ago from someone interested in our van. Now let me first explain, this is very fact, all this time it has been listed we have only gotten four e-mails including this one, and one was fake and another was an offer to trade for something in french that I didn't understand, but I digress!! I called the gentleman up and got his voicemail...he phoned my back half an hour ago and...

He is coming to see the van tomorrow night at 7pm!

Can you please pray with me that he will buy it? and if he is not the one then that God would send "THE one" to buy it soon? We are picking up the new one tomorrow afternoon, and we had hoped to sell the old one sooner, but God has other plans. One thing I know for sure, He is teaching me patience in a lot of areas of my life right now :)

Thank you for all your prayers!



passing-thru said...

Am praying and have been and will continue to


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Praying the Van gets sold really soon LPP - it I've seen in my life, God's timing is something awesome...patience is not my best virture but getting better :)


Terry said...

Oh that is just great Little Pilgrim Pal!
Surely the Lord's hand will be in this and just to think that you are picking the new one up today!!!
How great!....Love Mrs. Shirkie

For sure and Little Missionary Julie can vouch for what the Lord has accomplished in HER life!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you Pals for your prayers!

Yes, we are picking up the new one today around 11am and my siblings are so excited! One in particular, who REALLY struggles with patience, is driving me a bit crazy ;)

Love and Prayers,

Vicki said...

Oh yes, we're praying and agreeing with you, LPP. The Lord is good to provide you a new vehicle. Like Julie said, God's timing is pretty awesome. {{hugs}}