Tuesday, August 12, 2008


June 25, 1834 George Mueller wrote these words in his journal --

"These last three days I have had very little real communion with God, and have therefore been very weak spiritually, and have several times felt irritability of temper. May God in mercy help me to have more secret prayer ! - Let none expect to have the mastery over his inward corruption in any degree, without going in his weakness again and again to the Lord for strength. Nor will prayer with others, or conversing with the brethren, make up for secret prayer; for I had been engaged in both repeatedly, during the three previous days, as my journal shows."

May I apply this to my life --



Julie (Little Missionary) said...

How true these words are....no communion with God means, less strength and more irritability.

Hoping to hear about Shelby from Vicki soon!!


donna said...

ohhhh me too passing-thru....me too

Vicki said...

Oh, me three!

We need that daily renewal in the Word and prayer.