Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sunday Nite ------Please remember the needs -- bend that knee , bow the head and pray

Thankyou to all the pals that make this man grateful - LMG touched this man's heart tonight -

OKAY -- Psalm 78 "Good Stuff" just focusing on verses 7 & 8 --

Verse 7 "SET YOUR HOPE IN GOD" -- fixed - anchored - un-movable -rock solid
Verse 8 "SET YOUR HEART ARIGHT -- remember WHO we are BELIEVING IN
Verse 8 "MAKE YOUR SPIRIT STEADFAST" no waivering - no doubting -

LET GOD KNOW - My heart is fixed on U , Oh God - my spirit is abiding and steadfast , no matter what it looks like --- U , Oh God are my Banner -- Psalm 20:5 "HE fulfills all our petitions."

good nite



Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Good night and God bless you PT!

Little Missionary

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

....good night and God bless to all the Pals!


Terry said...

I will surely try to be more steadfast this week Passing-thru.
All week we have Vacation Bible School and I know that it might tire me out! I am still not too steady on my feet.
I go in September to get my legs checked out.
Pity any of those kids if I fall on them while I am trying to take their picture!!!
My ! It would NOT be a pretty sight!!!Ha!!!!
You have a good day, eh? Terry

passing-thru said...

Funny stuff Terry

U take care this week and TRY and rest -- VBS is tiring and for a "young" gal like U ---

Blessings on U

Vicki said...

Good post, PT. Great Psalm to meditate on. Let us be "fixed, anchored, unmoveable, rock-solid." The only way is by resting in Him.

Terry, I'm praying for your VBS week there. You are a sweet aroma of Christ among those kids and a continuous blessing to all of us. Praying for your physical health - please don't overdo it. Hope you'll rest up in the evenings, sweet friend, and keep us posted on your dr. appt. {{hugs}}

passing-thru said...

Yes Vicki --- "Rock Solid" is what results when we "abide"

"Having entered into His Rest"

Therein lies the "secret" --