Monday, August 11, 2008


Let us Start this week off afresh -- "Looking unto Jesus"

Matt. 27:65-66 Pilate told the roman soldiers to make "it" secure as best as u can - set it - secure - watch it -- seal it -- bind it -- hold it fast - have all the "forces" of darkness surround it -
Matt. 28:2 - A great earthquake , for the angel of the Lord came and Cracked the earth , sent all the forces of "darkness" scurrying. That mighty angel , rolled back that stone and then sat upon it -- roman soldiers terrified so bad that they became as "mummies" --
THE RESSURRECTION HAD TAKEN PLACE -------- and because HE LIVES , we live too --

Pray afresh this week pals -- HE lives to make "intercession" for us -- to bring our pleas before HIS FATHER ----------- When God "see" us , He sees The Christ , Who pleases Him -- When God "hears" us - He hears The Christ , Who pleases Him --- "This IS my Son in Whom I am Well Pleased --

"Father" put your Finger on that judge for Shelby this Tuesday -- for Terry's body and strength for this week -- for Bernie to fix their van -- Lpp's van to sell tonight -- Amrita's ministry and healing for her body -- for Robin to continue to be a blessing -- Lil M and her new job -- Vicki to be blessed - Saija and Leo - Claire and Pilot - Donna and Ron - Colby for continued healing and for a Healing for Taylor , with U , Oh God , NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE -- David and his needs -- Felisol's Serina at college and healing for her Gunnar --for Jel and the other Julie and the Lauras --and for David's Carol --
For All of us to walk in your Light and be found In You , --
Thankyou Father in The Name that Pleases You ".

Blessings Pilgrims



Little Montreal Girl said...

That line : with U oh God, nothing is impossible, reminds me of my favorte movie, Facing the Giants. Have you Pals seen that? If not I recomend you do!

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation - what's it about LMG? Can I get it at Blockbuster? I'm not up on movies as I don't watch many...too many bad ones out there. I like Pixar Disney animations...they are usually "safe". I really like a good drama/thriller but swearing, sex and violence often goes with them unfortunately.


Vicki said...

Lord, every one of us stands in need of healing and daily provision, but especially those precious ones mentioned here. We confess our dependence on You to move and direct, to heal and restore, to quicken hearts and attitudes, to enable, give strength, and to lift our Heads in the storms of life. Thank you for PT's encouragement here, bless his labors, increase his borders. Increase our faith, oh Lord, that our hearts would wake up praising You, joyful in affliction, trusting in Your power to sustain us. We remember Pilgrim Dave in his urgent, pressing need, and ask You to take care of him. Lord, our righteousness is like filthy rags, yet because of Christ in us - our hope of glory - for that reason we come before your Throne of Grace, trusting in the shed blood of Jesus. May it please the Father to reveal His Son to us more and more, as we wait patiently for That Day when we're called Home to Glory. Lord, thank you for calling us to Yourself, for saving us, for putting a new song in our hearts.


passing-thru said...

Well said Vicki -- and thanks for such godly encouragement --

We have been praying often for Shelby and for God to be "touching" that judge tomorrow

Little Montreal Girl said...

Little M,
I can only say, it is a CLEAN movie, about a high school football team with a loseing record. Then the coach turns his life and team around and God blesses them...Now go watch it before I give the rest away! :)

The movie was put together by a Baptist church in Albany Georgia.

Little Montreal Girl said...

Oh yes this is a THRILLER for sure