Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Note From the Pilgrim

Dear Pals:

I'm home for a few minutes from Elim Lodge but I haven't had a chance to check all the posts on our site. Thanks for your prayers, dear friends!

We need a financial miracle and I'm asking that you pray fervently for that. THANKS!

More later.

I'm heading back to Elim now for dinner and the evening service.

Grateful to God for you,

- David


Terry said...

Dear David...Wish I could help somehow but I WILL pray!..Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Keeping U in prayer David --

was over visitng Amrita's blog site and was a blessing to hear of God meeting her needs for the church wall --

May this happen to U as well David

Felisol said...

DEar David, Pilgeim Father,
This summer has been pritty tough to us, with both Gunnar and Serina being ill. Your words from May have kept me going, even when I thought there was no way to go.
WAIT, don't WORRY.
This week Serina was two times, to see two different doc.s and they both gave us good hopes, both for her heart and her depression.
She has not been able to make any money herself this summer, been too ill.
I trust the Lord will provide.
Until yeasterday she had no place to live, when she's starting on a new college for journalism and media education. Yesterday it was all done, low rent nice flat,- or a collective will be the right word. Three students sharing. That will also means she's got company as she has no friends in that new town she'll be moving to in just a week.
The honor and glory belongs to the Lord.
We've done some serious praying though, so have my Pilgrim Pals.
Why do I write all this?
To honor the Lord, and to tell you dear Pilgrim Father, you know he's looking after and will provide for you too.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...




Now - what tasty dish do U have for me to eat ? - lol

Felisol said...

For you dear passing-thru,
I have to ask my Mom for help.
I think we'll serve meat.
Smoked sheep's head, served with eyes and tongue, light gravy, boiled potatoes and Swedish turnip stew.
That's a farmer's feast dish here west. Or rather was. I've only tasted it once.
I'll never forget those staring eyes, or the one who ate them..

Do you want some fish recipes as well??

From Felisol

Vicki said...

Dropping by with more prayers for Pilgrim Dave, or Father Pilgrim as our dear Felisol loves to call him...May the Lord our God who is High & Lifted up, meet these financial needs as only He can...praying for breakthrough and blessings untold, now & for the days to come. Let the praise of our Father be always on our lips. He will answer because He hears and knows and He is able. Lord, you are merciful and good. Thank you for your faithfulness & provision in all our needs, especially Your son, David, as he looks to You for this miracle!

And all the Pilgrims say, AMEN.