Monday, August 11, 2008

More than a Believer!

I know the term Believer is biblical, and I am a Believer, but last night I was thinking I am more than that...I am a "Knower" - one who knows God. It's deeper. If you look up believe and know in a dictionary you'll find a difference. To know is more intimate than merely believing. We hear a lot of people saying "I believe in God...even Jesus." - but as you spend time with them, you may find they don't really know God - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I mean really know His heart. I wonder if the word "believer" in the bible, in the original language really meant something deeper than what our English language portrays? Are you merely a Believer or are you a Believer and a Knower?

Just something to ponder....

Julie - Little Missionary


Vicki said...

Hi Julie! Good post. The only way we know Him is to abide with Him through His Word, daily confessing our need of Him to sustain us in every way. Even the devil believes & trembles, but we are now children of the Most High God through His Son, Jesus. Amen?

Praying for you, Julie, and for all my Pals.

passing-thru said...

Good Stuff Lil M

John says " That ye may KNOW HIM " and the Power of His Ressurrection --------

In the greek (as if I am a greek scholar) to "know" means to "experience" and praise God we can "experience" God thru Faith in His Son and we know we have passed from death unto LIFE -------
As many as believed on Him to them HE gave the POWER to become the sons of God -------
ok ok -- don't get me preaching --

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Good comments Vicki and PT....

Bless you both as you walk in the WAY!


Vicki said...

PT, you can preach if you want's all good. I especially like that part about passing from death unto LIFE! "and as many as believed on Him, to them He gave the POWER to become sons of God!" That's powerful. Amen!

Update on Shelby: I couldn't get my password to work in here tonight & my brain is tired, so I'll just leave a little note:

Shelby goes to court at 8:30 AM tomorrow to wait with others before the judge to call her case. After she presents her "hardship" forms, her ex-husband has 30 days to respond. She doesn't have a lawyer, so she's representing herself. Will know more tomorrow.
.....Also, a church helped her with 3 additional nights at the motel, as well as her cell phone bill. She also applied for 8 jobs today. THANKS FOR PRAYING!!

Terry said...

Really good Little Missionary Julie.
You know what I really strive for and am such a failure at times, is to be His disciple.
Hard, hard sometimes....Love Terry