Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Movie Coming Out!

Hi, Pals!

My family and I have watched the DVD "Facing the Giants" so many times since we got it in March, we just watched "Flywheel" and now we are eagerly anticipating the release of "Fireproof." These movies were made my a Baptist church in Georgia and their first two are absolutely amazing, considering the resources they used (Flywheel was all amateur and made on a $20,000 budget; Facing the Giants' production included only 4 professionals). I have been getting updates via e-mail on Fireproof-- in theaters Sept. 26--, and watching all the teaser trailers as they come out. Their official trailer was just released recently.

I encourage you all to sign up for the updates and tell friends and family about it....looks as though this is going to be another excellent movie with a great message. They sent out an update today with a scene from the movie in it, and the analogy used in this scene is so practical, I can't stop thinking about it (you'll have to watch it to see!).

You can go to and watch the official trailer. I wanted to post it, but either youtube is working slow, or everyone is watching that movie :(

Just thought I'd share what my family and I are all excited for. And if you haven't seen Facing the Giants yet, I highly recommend it. My dad LOVED that encouraged him so much. He said even when he couldn't concentrate on watching it (in his last month he couldn't), the music alone ministered to him.

God bless you all!

Lil Pilgrim Pal


passing-thru said...

Thanks LPP --- will go and check out the trailer now

Blessings on U and your family -- am praying for your van to sell and HOW DO U LIKE THE NEW ONE -

Terry, Vicki, Donna, Lil M , Jel , Julie , the Lauras , and myself will be on the corner of Main and High Street waiting to be picked up ----

hebrews 11:1 said...

I LOVE the new is luxery like I've never dreamed of, and it only seats 8, which means we only have room for 2 extra passengers (in ref to your list!!) :) But the seats on the first bench are sooo roomy, Sunshine and I are ever so comfortable!

Thank you for your prayers for our van, too!

God bless you,

passing-thru said...

Just looked at the trailer of fireproof --
LOOKS GOOD ----------------

That actor is born - again , I have seen him before and forgot his name but he played on that family show with Meredith Baxter Burney -

Thanks for sharing these "little" treasures

Terry said...

Dear Little Pilgrim Pal. Yes for sure we will be waiting for that ride! And if that Mrs. Butler starts to sing we will all jump out!

We have the first two DVDs of that movie, that Rachel gave to us bur we haven't even had the time to watch them....Jel told us about "Facing the Giants" about a year ago and when Rachel got "The Flywheel", it was really good that she gave us it but now like I told Little Montreal Girl...just have to find some time to watch them!...Love Mrs. Shirkie

Terry said...

Yes that is Kirk Cameron Passing-thru. He was saved a few years back and he now works with a man named Ray Comfort in reaching souls for the Lord.
They have a show on the Christian station...........Love Terry

donna said...

I don't mind riding on the top of the SUV as long as I don't have to be tied down....LOL !!! And then I can sing as LOOUD and offkey as I want !!! LOL

donna said...

hush Terry !!!!


passing-thru said...


THE SKIRKIE BUS and LPP's tricked out NEW RIDE --------



Terry said...

No Passing-thru. There are 21 of us and if each vans holds 8 people we will surely need the use of Pilgrim David's van too unless Gunnar and my Felisol will cough up their new truck for our use!!!Love Terry