Monday, July 2, 2007

Treasure FomThe Old Pilgrim's Gold Mine

No words that I can try to tell you David about your having heartache over having to sell your house and your having to deal with financial troubles could offer you better encouragement then this scripture verse card and post that I found in your own blog site,.
Here's an old "scribbling" I found this morning . . . Early today I carried out my usual routine, feeding the goats, looking after the cat and making sure the bird feeder was full. It was a beautiful crisp winter morning. The sun was glistening on the snowy surface of the back yard as I tramped down to the goat pen in my work boots, flannel shirt and winter coat. The blue jays were scolding each other as they criss-crossed the back field and as I walked I revelled in the beauty of God's creation. It was bitterly cold though and as I hurried back to the house with an empty water bucket I thought I wouldn't bother filling the bird feeder. It could wait 'til later.

I immediately thought of how it would be if God dealt with us that way. If He saw that we needed to be nourished but was too busy with other things. We could wait 'til He got around to it. I'm so glad that our wonderful Father doesn't entertain those thoughts for a moment. He knows what we require and He provides for those needs out of His abundant riches. There aren't other things which are more important. WE are important to Him. YOU are special to Him. Thank Him that He's never too busy to care for you. Thank Him today for His bountiful provision. Thank Him for the sacrifice He made so we could enjoy life with Him forever. The finches and sparrows got fed this morning after all. I was fed too as the Lord reminded me of His faithfulness. "His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." - Lamentations 3:22,23
Posted by David Warren Fisher at 2:42 PM


passing-thru said...

posted in 2004 and as applicable then as it is now -
Not only will that bless David and Carol , it blessed me and others that will read it ---- GOOD STUFF

I don't know who posted this but thanks -- (maybe that terry) or some kind hearted soul like her

passing-thru said...

Hmm - maybe Saija, or Claire , I guess it does not matter who posted this treasure from the past - The truth was from the Word and from the Father ABOVE

David Warren Fisher said...

Good morning:

To whoever posted that "post from the past", THANK YOU!

Sometimes God speaks even louder when you find yourself reading the material that you penned yourself.

We are trusting God to feed us and clothe us. Are not we of much more value than the Him?

The Pilgrim

passing-thru said...

David , I think we have a "mystery" blogger -- hmmm

hebrews 11:1 said...

Can't you tell by what time it was posted? The same blogger who posts most, if not all, of my requests...Mystery Blogger indeed!

It's funny how things that we have said in the past come back to encourage us. Just before our computer crashed, I was going through e-mails I'd written and received 3 yrs. ago--when I spent 45 mn. every early morning on e-mails...I am SO glad I outgrew that! Anyway, there was one from a friend that I'd passed on to my cousin and added my own two cents to it. My eldest cousin was going though a hard time, and just reading my encouragemnts to her 3 yrs. ago encouraged me!

passing-thru said...

LOL - ok Heb 11:1 - let me guess - it was TERRY ! I guessed her in the beginning --

Now watch ! now that we started this , we will have a mystery guest blogging -- and David and Carol were packing at 9:30 this morning --

Have a great day

hebrews 11:1 said...

Packing for vacation? I didn't want to miss them leaving, so I left the Pilgrim a good-bye on hi blog, and a lil story from yesterday on a post here on Pals.

Terry said...

Oh doncha' worry 'lil pilgrim...
The boss is never too far away from his lap top!
OR is camera!
I mean it is beyond me why he had to swipe that nice picture from our Laura-mae when his own blog is just chuck full of gold!!
Although in all probabilty, those pictures are all swiped ones too!!

Hi Passing-thru!!
I am just passing through!!

Have a safe and restful, worry free trip Pilgrim David because if you DO worry that Pilot-mom will have a word or two for you!!!
...from Pilgrim pal Terry

Pilot Mom said...

You are so right, Terry! But hopefully, my words would be encouraging words! ;)

Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom, so they are, so they are, [your words are always kind].
Your post on "not to worry" sure helped me!
Then what did I do a few days later but start to worry again!!

THAT is what I meant, by my telling that Pilgrim David Fisher not to worry!
After re-reading my comment here and then yours, it sure does sound like I was calling you a meanie!!
That would surely be the Frosty Friday that you could be mean to ANYONE!!!.....Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Mrs. Shirkie! Did you read my story on the comments section of the previous post? If you have a moment, please write us...we always love your little notes back to us. My sister was a wee bit disappointed when she didn't hear back from you after I finally let her have some computer time a few days ago...well, she had some time today, too. :)