Sunday, July 1, 2007

Goodnight, Canada

Hopefully I'm not the photo thief that Terry refered to in her comments's a great shot from Laura Mae's blog, A Perfecting Love.

Canada's birthday is almost over! Hope you all had a great day! We certainly did here in our little corner of God's harvest field.

Be encouraged, Pilgrim Pals!


Terry said...

Now where ever did you ever get THAT idea Pilgrim David?
My mother used to say."If the shoe fits, wear it:"
Surely is a nice picture though!!

It is early Monday morning but even so I will say good night and hope you have a good week of picture scouting!
...from Pilgim pal Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

What a great photo, and such funny comments as usual!

I want to share a bit with you Pals about our first sporting event attended (well, we've seen a bit of some little kids' sports games, but not semi-pro soccer!)...

I will when I have the time! Gotta run!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Okay, here I am, back again!

First, I want to share what I thought was the highlight of the whole event...I think Mr. Fisher will really enjoy this:
It began when I hurried home from my grandparents home to mine, and sitting down at the laptop, opened up a MS Publisher pre-designed business card, and turned it into a scripture card. I left the background graphics, added a soccer clip art, and added Phil 4:13 in the players' mother tongue. (We were going to watch a match between a team from my father's native country and Italy.) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make the same card in Italian, nor did I print off more than 1 sheet of ten cards...and there are 13 players on the field, not counting extras and coaches! The highlight grew to a climax when my dad announced that with a 1-0 game in favor of our favorite team, we would be leaving at half-time. My sister (Lil Montreal Girl/Praying Sens Fan...) demanded the scripture cards from me and gave them to my youngest brother, who has the most chuzpah of all of us. He streaked out across the field, and handed out the cards to the sheer delight and pleasure of the players. He said that after handing out the first 2, players were streching out their hands to receieve one...and all because of me, not everyone got one, my sister keeps remnding me. However, the whole experience was an encouraging one. I hope the cards encourage the players to read the Bible, if anything.

Oh, and this story is especailly for Mrs. Shirkie...
After we left the stands crowded with fellow coutrymen, I pulled out of my pocket an Italian flag,and waved it over my head. I figured it was safe now, and who thought I was going whole-heartedly for my dad's team without part of me pulling for the Italians?! Well, everyone called me a traitor, and my sister tried to pull my flag away from me. Finally in the parking lot, she sprang at me, and I realized I was done if I din't act, I sqirted my water bottle at her, and she recoloiled enough that I was able to stuff my flag back into my pocket. Well, along came my "uncle"-- he's like a cousin to my dad-- and told me I was the oldest and should behave myself...but I do like havig fun sometimes...and squirting water on Mrs. Shirkie's favorite Lil Montreal Girl in her water proof jacket is certainly fun :) She's warnning me that you'll get me for this, so I'll just brace myself :)

the laughing Lil Pilgrim Pal