Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi Pals! I need HELP!! Do any of you know how to fix a toilet that is filling the tank too full? I have had problems with the toilet for quite awhile,and then with the help of my uncle I got it fixed. But then the chain came off the flapper thing and when I put it back on the tank fills too full and is over flowing into the the pipe going to the bowl...and RUNNING non-stop! It's my fault if the Atlantic Ocean drains....down the toilet! :) If any of you can help me Mrs Shirkie, Mrs. Butler, and Saija have my e-mail address.
From Little Montreal Girl


passing-thru said...

LMG -- inside the tank is either a ball like "float" or a "cannister" type device that is adjustable -- if its the ball like float , its on a metal rod and that can be bent downward and that "lowers" the level of water so it does not run down the open tube
If its the cannister type -- there is a small adjustable metal linkage on the side of the cannister and that can be squeezed and lowered to lower the level of the water --- hope U make out OK --

passing-thru said...

PS. if its the ball type float -- u can also just "screw" the ball clockwise and that will draw the ball inward on the rod and that will lower the level of the water -----
Blessings on U

passing-thru said...

#3 Look at the chain u just put on the flapper and make sure its not caught on the ball float -- if u pull up on the float it should stop the water -- just make sure the ball float is moving freely --

Let us know how U made out --

passing-thru said...

Lol -- ouch -- screw the ball counter-clockwise as this will bring the ball further out on the rod and that lower the water level --
sorry ------------
How did u make out ?

The Atlantic is lowering as we speak ---------------

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

LOL ....oh my gosh this is funny...well, not funny that the Atlantic Ocean is's just cool how we Pals come here for all sorts of problems...even a toilet!

Lord, please help LMG...the fish in the sea need water too :)


passing-thru said...

Yes Lil M

All kinds of requests and it's biblical to boot --

We are to bring everything to God thru prayer --

and I too see the "humor" and am glad LMG called out to the "pals"


Dear Little Missionary Julie and Passing-thru.
Do you remember the time that Pilot-mom was having plumbing problems? Here is just a reminder..

July 5th..2007...Dear Pilgrim Pals, I was just over to see Pilot-mom and have a prayer request that maybe, as soon as you check in home here in the morning that you will please pray that the Lord would send over a plumber to help out Pilot-dad.
He is not feeling well at all and he and Pilot-mom need some important plumbing done.
I am going to just put a few of Claire's sentences in here so you will understand the situation..Love Terry

Pilot-mom says
"There is a leak around the garbage disposal so the sink isn't usable yet. *sigh* But, I have told him that he cannot worry about it and the Lord will send someone with plumbing skills to fix it."

God hears our every prayer!

And here is the answer!
He sent people over that very next day and they got Pilot-dad all set up and fixed the problem!

July 6th 2007...Claire says
"While I went and grabbed a bite of dinner with a girlfriend PD got done under the sink and figured out what was causing the leak. He figured out that a gasket wasn't put back on. That seems to have done the trick. We'll find out tomorrow for sure. A couple of friends of Pilot's from high school have been helping us to move furniture all around. Bodie and Micah came tonight and moved the pieces back into the appropriate rooms and brought my round oak table up from downstairs to the dinnette area. I'm so happy!! While they were here helping to move, they also helped with the drain. :D God is so good and faithful! Thank you to all of you who have been praying for that leak!" .Claire.

Just amazing, eh? And neat stuff Passing-thru............Love Terry

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for reminding us Terry, that LMG isn't the first to bring plumbing issues for prayer!! Praise God - He cares about our EVERY need.


Amrita said...

The ball thingi has to be fixed I guess

passing-thru said...

Yes Terry ,I remember clearly about Claire back then --

Thanks Amrita for that advice on the "THINGY THING" LOL -- and how did U make out in court today and the bank issue --

Little Montreal Girl said...

Thank you all for your help. I got it fixed. My cousins said to bend the metal rod that holds the floater (same idea as PT), I did that and it works. The Atlantic Ocean is saved!

Thank you for the sudgesions! (I know that is spelled wrong, Mrs Shirkie can relate!)$$

donna said...

Praie God for PT and LMG's counsin....

hallelujah !! the Atlantic was spared !!!

donna said...

WOW that was some excellent spelling...if I do say so myself!!
don't let LPP see it!