Saturday, August 2, 2008


Terry has update on Cole -- check out the great report on Terry's Canadian Blogger --

Still can't access pilgrim pals except thru this posting on the pals site alone -

For those that are "heavy hearted" REST and TRUST and ABIDE all mean the same and Johns gospel 15 th chpt. was written for us today ---

"HE" will not fail --- "HE" does not fail --- "HE" CANNOT FAIL so it's with confidence (faith) that we lean , look to and rest in "HIS" ability to do and keep us in perfect union , we may have concerns but not overly so --- we may wonder , but not in despair --- for "HE" leads us gently , assuring us thru "HIS" word and by "HIS" Spirit ---

Take heart this day for: finances, health , jobs , family , for personal struggles , for "faith" and faithfullness to HIM -------------

Blessings to the pals today


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Amrita said...

Have a great Day Jel. May God give you the desires of your heart.