Sunday, August 3, 2008


First passages of His Word this morning as I opened "The Lamp" unto my feet and "The Light" unto my path, were these -
Jer. 23 :16 "They speak a vision of their own heart" Now the entire passage 16 thru 32 seemed to deal with "prophets" and it "spoke" to me of my post from last nite on " A different gospel".
Verse 26 -- They are prophets of the "deceit" (deception) of their own heart -- Not that they are not "sincere" -- some I am sure are -- but deceived -- Are we not told Not to trust our own hearts for in the heart of man is deceitful and wicked -- We are to rely and lean on God and His Word --
God goes on to say here in verse 18 -- "Who has stood in the counsel of the Lord" -- We know Samuel did -- Elijah did -- Moses did -- .
Too many people having a zeal or sincerety or mislead by the gospel of the world have taken upon themselves and being deceived themselves have prophesied delusions -- plus having an extravaganza type atmosphere and "operators are standing by" cliche's - God says in verse 32 "by their lightness" -- It is a serious thing if U use the Lord's name as having said something to U as a message to someone else ---
Jeremiah 23 : 16 thru 32 "GOOD STUFF" and important for the child of God to read His Word daily for counsel and guidance in all that we do ---------
OKAY - enough preaching --- -- I don't do this too often , so bear with me ---


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