Saturday, August 2, 2008


Tired - called into work for an emergency leak -- (on call 24/7) so am not feeling very "inspirational" - lol -

But have this "thought" What Gospel do U follow -- last nite on one of those "inspirational" tv evangelistic shows , had some woman preaching up a storm , well , not really , but what she was doing was an old time carnival "barker".
She was declaring how God told her to tell her tv audience to "dig up", "use your credit card", "borrow" whatever it took but get 69 dollars and send it to her -- (no exaggeration here) because God gave her a prophetic sign according to psalm 69. If anyone did this , they would be so blessed so get on the phone NOW and mail 69 dollars to me ------------

U notice how many ministries it's all about money ---- lucre, -- dinero -- So with a "little" preaching the main emphasis was about sending them 69 dollars ---

I certainly hope that all who read "pals" has the "discernment" to know the difference between this world's gospel and the Gospel of Jesus Christ ----
One thing for sure is --- most of the listening world dosen't -------
These are deceiving times --- the devil dressed as an angel of light --(Now, I don't have any "knowledge" of this woman preaching , if she is of the Lord or not -- "they" sound like we do -- use the bible - use Christ's name etc. but I just can't see Christ in this "presentation" -- am sure some good comes from these people -- but it "smacks" of the type of religion that the easily led lambs of this world would follow --- maybe I am wrong but it behooves us to weigh the spirits -- and to compare all that we see and hear with the CHRIST OF THE BIBLE ---

Ok -- enough on that -- lol --- Blessings to U pals -- remember Cole and family --LMG grandma -- brother David ---- Felisol's Serina and Gunnar -- Donna's Jen -- her Vicki and sister -- Saija and Leo --- Clarie's "R" -- LPP' family van --- of course there's more --
Blessings to U - from


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru..
Even though you are tired, this is still a good post.
I am a little tired myself.
With all the glitches we had in Blog Land, it was a little annoying that we couldn't get in!
Tomorrow is Cole's birthday. He will be 13 years old!
Isn't it "Neat Stuff" that he wants to be a preacher when he grows up.
He is already doing a lot of that!!!!
Have a great Lords Day..Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Nite Terry --- get some good rest

Image -- 13 years old --- May God bless this young man --

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrims,
Good Sunday Morning coming down to you too in a while.
In writing moment you are hopefully sleeping sound and safe.
Hope there'll be no more glitches for a while.
The enemy tries to put obstacles in our way, but the Lord says, "Fear not, I have besieged the world".
This past two weeks with both Chloe (over at Renae's) and Cloe here at the Pilgrims', being miraculously cured, I think it should be praising time.
I love it when the Lord shows his almighty side.
Actually I should love it e\ven more all the days that come and go when He does not need do perform this miracles.
When we can get out of bed, no pains, sit in front of an abundant breakfast table, eat and talk friendly, no hurry, walk barefoot in and outdoors, the Thunderstorm from yesterday having drifted far away, several good books are waiting for a reader (me), music on the i-pod, family also being contented and at ease.
Isn't that the biggest wonder, not having to worry, at least not for this moment.
May God's grace and peace embalm us this very day.
May He lead us step by step, day by day.
May it not take too long till He returns.
From yours Felisol

passing-thru said...

Great comment Felisol

Blessings on U and Serina and Gunnar --- "we" still pray for your family --