Saturday, August 2, 2008

Prayer Request From Little Montreal Girl

Okay here's the scoop. My uncle and aunt stoped by my grandparents' before going the their cottage. My grandparent had been argueing or upset at eachother, I'm not sure, so my uncle says to my grampa, pack your bags and come to the cottage with us I need help building the deck. Turns out, they will be gone til the 12th and my gramma will be alone. She is only a 5 minute walk from my house, but she won't call if she needs help with something. Little Pilgrim Pal spent the night with her last night and I'll probaby be there tonight, but she was upset that we were "checking on her". Anyways theres the story, I'll keep you posted.
Thank you... Little Montreal Girl


passing-thru said...

Sometimes "older" loved ones get a little stubborn --------

Yes , she is right -- U girls are checking up on "her" and thats because of the love that U have for her --

"Father , in the Matchless Name of Jesus, bring this issue to a rewarding end - let family love rule her heart and a thanksgiving spirit be hers ----- "

Terry said...

Dear Little Montreal Girl..We are praying for Gramma and also for you girls as you attend to her so lovingly. Mrs. Shirkie

Finally able to get into he comment section!

donna said...

Hi LMG....will keep her in prayer...

praying for ALL of you.

Mrs. Butler