Monday, July 21, 2008


As a young Christian with a wife and 4 young children, I was asked to "leave" my employment as a supervisor for my "witnessing".
With only 100 dollars to our entire wealth and all the "needs" such as rent, food , car payment , etc. , the Lord "impressed" upon me not to look for work -- but to "trust" HIM --
I thought, how can this be -- I had read of George Mueller's life of faith --- but how did I know for sure that HE wanted me to "risk" the wellbeing of my family .
I told my wife this was how I felt the Lord was leading -- she agreed to pray and trust with me. The next morning I fasted, prayed and then set out to visit nursing homes and hold bible studies in homes of Christians --- I didn't tell anyone I was out of work --
That next sunday , I was teaching an adult sunday school class and on the podium was an envelope with money with a note saying -- for your needs ------- this continued week after week, one blessing upon another -- from various sources , from people who years ago we helped out and they "out of the blue" felt compelled to send us money --

This continued for about 2 months when I wanted to be "certain" the Lord was still leading me on this faith walk -- I prayed that morning this prayer --

"Lord if U want me to continue this way, would U bring me 50 dollars from the last person on earth I would ever imagine giving me money - Now that 50 dollars was needed that very day for a bill I owed. 30 Seconds after that prayer , the front doorbell rang -- I went down the stairs and my sister was standing there -- this is 8:30 in the morning -- she had a puzzled look on her face and she said this -- " My husband last nite said , I want U to bring Bob this 50 dollars for his needs. " -- now my sister was not a church goer and her husband loved money - was not the type to give money away to anyone ever --my sister was in "shock" for her husband NEVER would do anything like this.
SO I GOT MY FLEECE answered and this "faith" walk continued for another month and the Lord then impressed upon me to look for work and that very day HE gave me a wonderful job. So for 3 months, HE supplied every bill and need without once asking anyone for anything -- we had our needs supplied in the most amazing ways ---



Terry said...

Boy oh boy what a story Passingthru!
So much like that happened to Mom and Dad Golden when we were growing up and I never forgot it.
One time we never had a bit of food in the house and at supper time, we heard a knock on the door and the next door neighbour woman, came with a large pot of spaghetti with real meatballs and lots of cheese for us. Oh it was so delicious and it was so welcomed!
One other time the washing machine motor had gone and for Mom Golden this was a real tragedy because she had nine children at the time and two of these were still in diapers[Ha! No disposable dipes in THOSE days!]
Anyway on Sunday when Marion Ronald picked up for Sunday School and returned us home , she gave Dad Golden the right amount of money to buy a new motor for that wringer washing machine!
And I don't even think that she knew about the need!
Oh how the Lord has come to our rescue every single time!!!Love Terry

passing-thru said...


Amrita said...

Wow that is a great testimony to the faithfulness of God

Felisol said...

Dear Passing-Thru,
I believe like you say that the Lord is the best provider.
Not very often have I been in desperate need of money, but this spring I remember telling Terry that we actually needed a new car. I wondered if I should pray for it, but then I was stopped my the mocking song of Melanie"Lord woun't you give me a Mercedes Bence."
I felt kind of shy, knowing that there is so much need in the world.
I just said to the Lord that he saw if we needed a car, and I trusted him to know that I was not craving.
three days after there came an insurance payment that we never even expected to get. (Gunnar did not tell me he had applied for it, did not want me to be disappointed.)
Well, it more than doubled our ability to pay for a new car.
Now I do not remember the English words, but it should go about this.
Pray and you shall be given a well stopped, shaken, overfilled measure.
That was what we got.
Than again, I am a firm believer in returning one tenth back to the Lord. Such was I raised, and this way I even did with my pocket money when I was a child.
Sometimes I also am very tempted not give.
I feel all kinds of excuses for holding the money back.
Then I know it's the Enemy lurking, trying to make me stumble.

Oh, Passing-Thru, I like sharing with Pilgrims on the same path, I feel so rich and so blessed whenever I am here, tagging along with you people.If I could or dared, I would shout a hallelujah!
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

Praise God - thats a great testimony on the car Felisol -- and U speak ALOT better english than I do Norwegian --

When U speak the "bible" WE ALL understand that and it blesses us all ---

Vicki said...

Oh MY, what a wonderful testimony, PT! Praise the Lord! Makes me wanna dance! I enjoyed reading Terry's & Felisol's testimonies, too. Our God is an AWESOME God...there is none like Him.

Jehovah Jireh..."God Provides" - amen?

passing-thru said...

Yes Amen Vicki -- "our" GOD is AWESOME

Blessings to U Vicki and we are remembering U and your sister in prayer

passing-thru said...

Yes Amrita -- God is good and "we" all have testimonies that bless