Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pilgrim's Mom

Dear Pals:

As far as I know, mom's surgery yesterday afternoon went well. She was still in the recovery room last night when I went to work at 11. My brother Mark told me that he wouldn't call me unless there was a problem and I never heard from him so I trust that things went well.

I'll give further details on the procedure they did in a later post. Mom will be immobile for quite a few weeks and then will need a completely new hip after that.

Thanks for the outpouring of prayer and concern for mom.

Standing together on behalf of each other,

~ David, the Pilgrim

Note: This photo of mom and her grandson Mike Fisher was taken in Ottawa following a Senators' game.


passing-thru said...

Well thats great David ------

and post us as well when those home and van needs are met , for we are praying daily for that --

And stop in and throw some "COMMENTS" on the pals posts from time to time --- for they "ADD" blessings to the readers

Terry said...

I am so glad to hear this David!!
Still needing our prayer though!
She is soooo cute!!!!Love Terry

PS Maybe you take after your Dad~..Ha!!

YES!!! It's about time YOU added comments!!
Well said Passing-thru!
I don't even think he saw the birthday card I made him on my blog and I never see him at Donnas.
Throw stones at David week!
Passing-thru had a turn at getting it last week..Ha!!

donna said...

oh my goodness always make me laugh...but throwing stones is not nice!!!

David, she acted alone on this one!!! my arm does not work well enough yet to throw anything!!! not to mention my neck is stiff and I cant move my head to the left.......honest !!!

LOL Terry

donna said...

Ohhhh!....I am sorry I got side tracked David; I am still praying for your mom...for her complete healing...blessings to her..

Little Montreal Girl said...

Oh Mrs. Shirkie!!!! That's not nice to throw stones at anybody! PT might leave us again! We don't want that to happen!

What a surprise to open pals and see Mike Fisher with Gramma Fisher! I pray she recovers from her surgury well. Praying for you Mr. Fisher!

Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Mr. Fisher,

I am still keeping your mom and your family in prayer...

PT--well put, it has been awhile since the Fish commented here...

Mrs. Shirkie--watch your glass house ;)

Love to all the Pals,

passing-thru said...

While we are on this "throwing stones thing" remember

U are the "guys" that wanted to sic Alfie on me -------

Now I got a "phobia"

Terry said...

Naw.. You haven't got a phobia Passing-thru...Don't you recognize rabies when you have it?
Poor little Alfie got a bad case of food poisoning when he took that big chunk out of your leg!

Little Pilgrim pal...I do believe that you might not have thrown a stone at the Fish but you DID throw a little pebble, eh?

Little Montreal girl..Never you mind!
That Passing-thru accused Mrs. Butler and me of peeking out of our windows and holding brooms. had better take plenty of rest because we want you to be all better by Wednesday.
We could always lend you a cane. Mom Golden has graduated to a walker and we have a spare cane.
I hid it on Ma Golden because she kept whacking me with it..Not a pretty sight!.....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

So I "see" a picture here --

Donna is so twisted , she looks like a PRETZEL
Terry has spare canes if she needs one --
Terry and Donna peeking OO out of windows holding brooms ---
LPP carrying a bag of little pebbles - hope LMG dosen't see this
this poor innocent kind caring loving man is limping thru life with one leg missing some flesh and
"Alfie" is sick with indigestion from chewing on me when the "girls" told him to sic me -- and don't forget -
Lil M was going to package me up in a missionary box to Norway where Felisol was going to make me eat something strange -