Monday, July 21, 2008

A Can Of Worms

Wow! I sure opened a real can of worms just by being honest. Thank you, everyone, for your comments though.

Felisol, dear friend, let me make one thing clear...very clear. You DO NOT have to believe the same way I do about the non-essentials of the Christian faith and practice to be a PILGRIM PAL. All you need is to be a Christian, a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. You are that and I love you for that. Your insights and your encouragement, dear sister, have been a huge blessing in my life.

Thank you Terry for your kind comments.

So, dear ones, let me put the subject of legalism to bed and I will leave now for my job at Christian Horizons where I, too, will go to bed.

Love you all!

~ The Pilgrim

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