Monday, July 28, 2008


Time for bed
Let us remember the one's that need support - healings - finances - encouragement -
It's not always easy for many to get up the next day and face their challenges --
So it "behooves" us to pray , specially for those the Lord lays on our hearts ---

"We are going to make it friends " I read it in His Book --------

Don't forget Cole and Taylor and family - this would please God to bring them to the Throne
Don't forget our friend's that now have an empty seat at the dinner table ---

My heart goes out to U pilgrims

A most unworthy pilgrim


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Christ makes you worthy P-T :) He make all the unworthy...worthy - praise God!

J - LM

Amrita said...

please pray for some bank papaer to be cleared. A lot depends on that. amrita


Hi Amrita, I pray now that God would do what needs to be done for you in this matter. I ask this through Christ our Lord Jesus!

J - Little Missionary

Vicki said...

Pausing to pray for all the needs here. Thank you, PT.

Julie, Christ is the only Worthy One, but we joyfully partake of His goodness to us. He now calls us daughter, son. Amazing! What love the Father has lavished on us!