Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Peace that passes "understanding" shall KEEP your heart and mind -

Yes , I know that peace that "tells" me I am saved - I am God's child
But what about that other peace -------

When cupboards may be empty and U've prayed and trusted and U rise from your knees "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace
When U have prayed and committed a loved one to the Lord for them to be saved - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ---- that peace
When finances are stretched and U "looked" to GOD and even though the funds are low - U rise "KNOWING" God has heard U ------ that peace

Think not that this "peace" is for the "other" person ---------- for has not the Lord promised this for us ---------

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things and more shall be done unto U"
So - now we have a "choice"
We either say , yes I have prayed but "things" seemed no different or
We say, I prayed , took God at His Word, I rose and "trusted" and looked for the answer -

I choose and chose the latter and can tell U that God has never failed to do what we needed in His time and in His Way ----------

If we are "anxious" beyond reasonable limits , if turmoil or confusion -- then stop , read His promises anew -- trust and look to Who promised these things for U --- REST IN HIM


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