Thursday, July 31, 2008


* Remember Donna's Jen this morning - that all goes smooth and fair for her -
Cole and Taylor and mom
Lil M continued progress on interview and "refrences" -
My daughter as she awaits results for her medical transcription tests today -
David the pilgrim on home needs - and ministry -- God can supply every , EVERY need -
Vicki and her burden for her sister and her life -
Claire's new friend "R"
and of course our own Lpp and Lmg's healing in the home as they bless us with their presence


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru. I never knew that your daughter had gone in for tests. I don't know how I missed it.
I will pray for her but I guess the tests already have the results, eh?
Cole's tests findings are to be in today too.
Will remember Jen too Donna.
And Little Missionary Julie, Vicki's sister, Shelby, Pilot-Mom's "R" and our two Little Pilgrim Pals in Montreal and our own Pilgrim David....Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I'm now praying that R and her husban will attend a Weekend to Remember. It's a Family Life conference which is absolutely wonderful! It will be held in our area in September and again in October. Pray that the enemy would not be able to snatch this opportunity away. Thanks so much!

passing-thru said...

Terry , thankyou -- my daughter passed her medical transcprition test just fine -- Thankyou Lord -

We will remember "R" and her husband -- thanks for the update Claire -----------