Thursday, July 24, 2008


Heading to bed shortly -- tired
Just a line for the "pals"

I have been "blessed" since returning to this fellowship of believers -
Vicki had a good post on the "church" and this group of friends that we call "pilgrim pals" is truly a church of 2 or 3 gathered in HIS NAME.

My heart is full -- full of love for the Terry's , the Donna's who so faithfully prayed for me, for the memories of lil pilgrim pal as she was called back then , her and her family's zeal for the lost, their memory verses they pass out , this family truly impressed me.

I felt that the people that have been in pals since we first "met" on Terry's little porch with her little wooden well in the corner , well, ALL U people have been the "real deal" and I have been enriched by your lives.

I consider it a "privilege" to be able to pray for U all by name .
Believe God -- do not doubt ---

a "tired" passing-thru


hebrews 11:1 said...

Good Night, PT!

I have not said my regular Good night greetings in a very long time....

Kali Nichta
Buenos Noches
Lyla Tov
Masa el kher

Good night, rest well, God bless you!


passing-thru said...

Thanks for praying for me last year LPP and for the many others that did as well --

I have met some deep sweet Christians in my 41 years as a "believer" - but these "pals" are right up there with them.

May we stay so close to the cross that we get "splinters"

donna said...

I am tired tonight as well
passing thru....

rest well

blessings to you

Terry said...

You know Passing-thru...David was the real key to this.
I remember you and him talking back and forth on Pilgrim Scribblings and I liked what I heard.
When the two of you together with your friendship formed this blog, I was so happy!
Because of it I have met so many dear friends.
I more or less met my Felisol because of David's blog because I asked her to go and meet him and she did after much prayer.
And the rest is history!! I think that everyone of the Pals are over at Pilgrim Scribblings on David's favourite links and they are all on mine, I think!!
I am so glad that you are back!!!;[how do you like listening to this broken record day in and day out sung by all of us!]Love Terry

passing-thru said...

It's not a "broken record" Terry -- its life and we journey on -
There will be battles ahead and all these "compliments" help strengthen one another --
Each one of us would be "missed" if absent --
We the "called out ones" THE CHURCH --- eclessia