Sunday, July 27, 2008


OKAY --------- Sunday nite ------

Blessings on All the "pals" ------

Lil M -- we are missing U , maybe U went away for the week -- praying for your job , for U to continue to be a blessing to those around U ----- ( I pray every day for U )
Cole and Taylor and family -- this family is going thru so much -- God has a plan for them and we want to pray that His Will be done -- "Lord, we thankyou for your love for this family "
Vicki and her burden for her sister -- She needs to find God is ABLE to do for her ---
Saija's daily joy in serving God and helping her Leo
Donna to be used and protected in His Love and for her family to be used of the Lord
David the pilgrim who looks to God for his daily needs -- (praying for home and van and well )
Pat's family on their recent loss
Terry and Bernie for this pals place would not be the same without our Terry --
Felisol and her Serina and Gunnar --------- she is a blessing from Norway
Amrita , I know little of U dear sister -- but a blessing U have been in here -----
The Two Laura's --- drop in -- we know U do , leave us an updated testimony girls --- thanks
Jel --- not enough said on U -- your a blessings -- "deep waters" run still -- send us a HUG
Julie the "other" one ------- send us greetings --
Claire the missionary from Utah --- we remember your "R" we continue to pray --
LPP --- what can we say that hasen't been said already -- your such a blessing in here --
LMG -- a girl coming into her "own right" -- a huge helper to Terry -------

am sure I missed some -- but God knows --------
good nite -------- "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart - be acceptable to THEE OH GOD "


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Felisol said...

Amen, Passing-Thru,
may the Lord give us wisdom, love and strength to handle the everyday events and decisions.
May He bless you in particular.
From Felisol