Saturday, July 26, 2008


We haven't heard how David's mom made out --
Remember Cole and Taylor ----and family -
Felisol's mom was missing her husband --
Pats family and their loss
Vicki and her sister --
Claire's "R" that she continues to search for God in a born again church --
Saija and her hubby -- this daily effort with such physical challenges --

Remember ALL the "PALS" , we don't all mention needs, but we all know there are many -- so lifting one another up is our priviledge and duty ---

Two of the Main Ladies -- our Terry and Donna -- they pray and seek and encourage all of us - remember them daily --------

Lil M ---- everything OK ? haven't seen U much this week ---

Remember LPP and LMG for they are a young family and their loss is so great -- "they" are a blessing to the pals -- a great example of a missionary family -------

thankyou ALL for praying for me over these last several months ----

praying for U by name



Terry said...

Good , morning!
Well already into the start of another week and here reading all of the prayer requests, so lovingly compiled by Passing-thru and I am wondering how Mom Fisher is too and whether Little Missionary Julie heard any news about her job. I think she is suppose to be going back to her regular job very soon.
I hope everyone has a glorious Lord's Day....Love Terry

Ps Grandpaw Ron says that Cole is feeling a little weak but otherwise is the same.
Perhaps this will be the day that "R" gets saved. That would be really staring the new week our just great!!
And our hearts and prayers are with Miss Patty and her family and Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl and their family in their times of grief and thankful to Donna who keeps us all informed!
Blessings to my Felisol and Saija and Leo..

passing-thru said...

Great Comment Terry --
Full of love and tenderness

Blessings to U as U bring children to church in the "Shirkie Van"

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
that would make a great blog-picture.
Miss Terry and her Sunday school children in the Shirkie van.

Little Montreal Girl said...

Yes Mrs. Shirkie we WOULD like to see "The Shirkie Van" And if you need a new one we have a 12 passenger for sale!

Thank you Passing-Thru for compileing all the prayer requests and needs of the Pals. You are a BLESSING!!!

Little MOntreal Girl

passing-thru said...

It's been a REAL BLESSING to have your input in here LMG