Monday, July 28, 2008


Romans 8th chapter -- Good Stuff

8:15 - No Fear - No more Bondage -- Now we have Spirit of Adoption - we Belong - Our Father
8:17-18 Suffering goes along with this new relationship with God --- IT'S A GIVEN
8:26 The Great Holy Spirit prays along side us - even when we feel we are so weak - HE PRAYS
8:28 We KNOW that all things will work together for good as we walk in unison with God
8:29 He purposed that we the "elect" should be CONFORMED to the Image of His Son
8:31 God is for us ------- very clear -- what a hope
8:32 God promises to freely give us all things we need in this world and of His Own Spirit
8:38 -39 Nothing can separate us from His Love ----

Let us take "hope" pilgrims -- we are passing thru this world and we are being conformed by the Transforming Power of God's love -- we endure "hurts" even though we be innocent of wrong doings for this is part of the witness of Christ -

running late for work --- have a blessed day



donna said...

thank you for this passing-thru...
God bless you !

Saija said...

in june, i read romans 8, outloud, every day ... it blesses my heart with the good stuff that God has given & promised His children! Yay, Lord!

passing-thru said...

I like that ---- Yay, Lord

A fresheness, like waking to the morning air , alive with smells, sounds.
Yay , Lord for life
Yay , Lord for The Gospel
Yay , Lord for the man who told me about being "saved"
Yay , Lord that U did not give up on me even though many times I failed U -------

Yes, Saija, Rom. 8 is "Good Stuff"

Vicki said...

I love Romans, PT! Wonderful, freeing stuff here. NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM HIS LOVE. In all these things we are more than conquerors!