Saturday, July 19, 2008

HOLINESS meets humanity

Luke 9:46 -- "Someone has touched ME , for I perceive that VIRTUE has gone out of ME"


There is not a sin so dark that HE can't forgive
There is not a situation so tangled that HE can't unweave
There is not a hole so deep that HE can't bring U out of
There is not a hiding place in this vast universe that HE can't find U

Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for a penny -- for a dime -- for a dollar - for 5000 dollars
Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for a "touch" of HIS hand for my cold sore - for my headache - for my cancer
Can we "trust" (believe) GOD for my situation - legal - home - marital - work - etc.

HE wants us to come to HIM for that kind of "faith" - HE encourages us to do so -- HE thru holy writ says of his disciples " Lord increase our faith " -- *** and this "faith" is NOT in ourselves to be able to do anything - but faith that LOOKS to HIM for ALL that we need.

Take heart Vicki for upcoming surgery -
Take heart Julie (Sweet Inspirations)
Take heart Cole and family -
Take heart to the Lauras
Take heart Ron
Take heart LPP & LMG
Take heart Donna
Take heart Felisol
Take heart David
Take heart Lil M
Take heart Claire
Take heart Saija
Take heart Terry
Take heart Jel

Have a Great and Godly Day


Vicki said...

Lord, lay your healing Hand upon each soul tonight, for You are our Need Meeter, our Great Physician, the Lifter of our Heads, and our sweet Abba Father who wipes our tears and comforts us. Thank you for the grace that enables us to trust You in all things, for the Life we now have because of Jesus...that You might rule and reign in our hearts through every season until that glorious time when we'll see You face to face!

passing-thru said...

Good praying Vicki ----- just about "says" it all --
It was a blessing to have read these heavenward words