Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tired of the Battle

I could use some prayers tonight.......



passing-thru said...

U know its just "darts" from the devil and we know that your still "tired" from your mission trip to Canada --
Your loved and appreciated

Trusting HIM to help U in such a special way -----

Terry said...

Oh Donna...That old devil is always picking on one us. Just good that it isn't all of us at once!!....Love Terry

Praying while I am typing!

donna said...

no no passing thru... please...it is not that~~~~sigh~~~~

passing-thru said...

Ok Donna --- whatever it is -- we are praying that HE is your HELP

Love in Christ

passing-thru said...

We will keep U in prayer these days ---
Not easy , some of these situations ---
WE WILL REMEMBER U these days Donna

Felisol said...

Dear Donna,
also praying while writing.
God bless you and be the shadow by your right hand,-always.
from Felisol

David Warren Fisher said...


I'm going to bed now at my Christian Horizons job. You can count on my prayers as I lay me down to sleep.

You are loved and we will be praying!

In His great love,


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Donna, you are a prayer warrior so it is no surprise to me that you are under any attack from time to time by the enemy of our souls. His task is to stop you from praying. You are a faithful servant of Jesus, loved so much by Him. The devil discourages but Jesus encourages! Jesus is your defender! And we, the Pilgrim Pals stand in the gap, praying for you tonight - that the Lord of the Universe - the Lord over all creation, including the devil himself, will cover you with His "wings" and protect your mind from the unslaught from Satan. Receive the peace of God tonight Donna.

Love and hugs,

Vicki said...

Donna, whether we understand the specifics of your trials & heartache or not, we love you and know the Holy Spirit is working in your life even now, even the times when things seem out of kilter....Lord, we lift up Donna and her needs before you, knowing you already hear our cries before we type or pray them. You are Holy, Able, Merciful, and Good. Thank you that you're working Your perfect will in her life; strengthen Donna by the power of your Holy Spirit, and give her peace in the midst of all this. Do what we don't even think to ask! In Jesus, amen.

Vicki said...

The battle belongs to the Lord. We only need to lift each others arms high, and stand in the truth of what we know is true. Praise you, Jesus!

donna said...

thanks everyone